Solitary Sailing and Isolation in Sea of Thieves

Ben Eberle of Gamer Professionals writes

"Sea of Thieves isn’t a great game, or even one that I plan on playing for much longer, but I have absolutely loved my time with it over the past few days. It’s an experience built with companionship in mind, largely based around the concept of four friends voyaging together on a massive galleon ship. This opens the door to role playing, goofing around, and simply hanging out in a simulated world. Playing with a crew is a lot of fun, particularly when everybody is well-coordinated and willing to work together as a team, but I’ve found an appreciation for sailing the high seas alone. I get a feeling of loneliness and isolation when sailing my personal sloop, which is meditative and rewarding in its own right."

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Gustertote2010d ago

Agree. But $60 for a meditation simulator? Yeah, nah.

Bhai2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Yeah and I bet this trend will follow... gamers aren't waiting on for release of deeper content...
2 already down... i.e. both PUBG and now SoT didn't turn any tables around for xb1... and I don't see Crackdown 3 or State of Decay making much of a splash either...

Its bonkers how lukewarm these games are turning up to be... evenmoreso that there is just nothing beyond 'em on the horizon too... Getting my teeth deep into Yakuza 6 this morning (and glancing at my wallet for the beauty that's coming up in 20 days), I couldn't help but feel pity for this unwanted, overpowered paperweight they call the 'beast' heh heh... Meditation??? hahaha going this far to capture attention for it now? ;) XD

NorthernFrost2008d ago

I'm with you and I do agree that Sea of Thieves isn't worth its $60 price tag in its current state. This is the first game that lives via Xbox Game Pass, which I find fascinating.

It might not be worth $60, but to spend $10 a month to play it, along with a bunch of other games, is worth it in my opinion!

Bhai2007d ago

Agreed ^^^ to both of you!

TheDriz2008d ago

I think this game is awesome. I feel that it’s rare to not have some sort of tension while playing. I’ve never played alone so I cannot speak to that but if you have a 2 man or 4 man crew you are gonna have fun. There always seems to be another ship on the horizon and every night when I’m done playing I have a story to tell people the next day.

UnHoly_One2007d ago

I agree totally. It has quickly become one of my favorite games of all time.

TheDriz2007d ago

Same here. I will burn out in it but I never reach 30 hours with most games I buy and I’m easily over 100 already with this one.

UnHoly_One2007d ago

Yeah I've put about 100 into it as well.

Still nowhere near to reaching pirate legend, sadly. :(

TheDriz2007d ago

Yeah. That’s one of my complaints. It’s quite a grind


An Update on Sea of Thieves Season Ten

Christina writes: "Hello, pirates. As some of you may have seen, we released a video today detailing some of the changes we’ve had to make to our upcoming release roadmap. Unfortunately, this includes the difficult decision to push back the launch of Season Ten to Thursday, 19th October 2023."

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Christopher66d ago

Difficult but better than the alternative. This game has had stellar support whether you like the gameplay or not. Nothing wrong with trusting then to make sure the new content is good enough for release.


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Christopher171d ago

This is one of those games where I wish I was into it because the support has been great, but I'm just not. They are a standout for free updates and support, though.

Abriael170d ago

I know I would enjoy the heck out of it if only it had a PvE-only server. It's right up my alley, but the forced "everywhere" PvP just turns me off. I'm fairly confident a lot of people feel the same way.

SimpleSlave170d ago

"Guys!!! Arkane is making their move!!"
"Yeah. They're encroaching on our mid status."
"Those bastards. Don't they know we are Microsawfts faves?
"I know. But what can we do?"
"Quick! What do we have that we can use for an update community youtube thingy?"
"Uh...we....we have some emotes and some skins and some random assets?! Will that do?"
"Perfectly mid. POST AWAY MATEY!!!!"