The English speaking voice acting for Kingdom Hearts 3 is underway

PowerUp! - "Progress on the Kingdom Hearts 3 development must be powering ahead as we learn that English voice recordings are underway."

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PhoenixUp203d ago

It’s really coming out soon

_-EDMIX-_203d ago

Because that's the power of the keyblade - Sora voice

lxeasy203d ago

I'm so hyped can't wait!!!

Tross203d ago

Here's hoping that's the case. VA recording doesn't necessarily mean the game is nearing release, but it's at least a good indication that the bulk of the animation is finished (as regional dubbing requires lip movements to try and match dialogue to).

Snookies12203d ago

Man I'm so hoping the Keyblade Graveyard is going to be a huge world. Can't wait to see the epic final battles in this game.

Yi-Long203d ago

Just hoping they'll include the Japanese voices this time...

kowan203d ago

IMO, the English VA is much better in KH. It feels more natural, especially for the Disney characters.

Tross203d ago

Yeah, in this case the English VAs match the Disney characters as we know them here in the West.

bluefox755203d ago

I feel like I'm the only person that prefers English voice acting in Japanese games, lol.

_-EDMIX-_203d ago

For me it kind of depends on the game sometimes

SugarSoSweet203d ago

I prefer English dubs myself.....

Tross203d ago

I generally stick with English VA if it's an option. If it's not, I'll make due. Corpse Party is a prime example of a game with no English dub but I love it anyways and think it's some of the best VA I've ever heard. Most Japanese VA isn't as good as that though IMHO, and I just prefer to hear things in my language when it's an option.

_-EDMIX-_203d ago

Nice I can't wait to complete the trilogy on PlayStation 4!

As of right now it's looking like PlayStation 4 is the only place to complete all the main Kingdom Hearts games!

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