I Wish I Hadn't Played Castlevania Judgement

Luke Plunkett writes:

"Of all the days I had to play games at TGS, and of all games I had the chance to play, why the hell did I leave it until Sunday afternoon to play Castlevania Judgement? I mean, my last memory of TGS could have been of something good, like Macross Ace Frontier or, in Konami's case, another kick at Pro Evo 2009. Instead, I walked away from the show feeling bad. Bad for Castlevania fans, at least."

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Zerodin3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Iga has made it very clear that the Wii isn't his target audience. Now I could have just quietly, and gladly bought the 360 version of the multiplat Castlevania game, but that would be giving them the message that doing this sort of thing is okay. Tell ya what Iga, cancel THIS crap, and I'll buy the 360 game like I was gonna in the first place.
BAD, Stetson wearing asian man, BAD!

Main_Street_Saint3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Don’t call him a cowboy,
unless you’ve seen him ride,
Cause a Stetson hat and those fancy boots,
don’t tell you what’s inside.

- Daria
From the episode, "Don't call him a cowboy."

Zerodin3653d ago

I never call people who wear Stetsons cowboys...Stetsons are for losers!

Horny3654d ago

well of course it sucks, its just another Wii shovelware title.

AAACE53653d ago

I kind of just accepted the fact that the traditional Castlevania is dead, and Devil May Cry has taken it's place!

Main_Street_Saint3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I am not even going to give it a shot; not one rent. Some games of a certain genre (or type) should never crossover into other genres. Making a 2D action/adventure game into a 3D fighting game is just ludicrous. I don't even consider this a "Castlevania" game and all the others who call themselves "Castlevania" fans shouldn't either. IGA should have known better then to even put his name on something that is as low as this nonsense game.

VWGTI3653d ago

I agree, MSS. I can't think of any reason for this game to be made in the first place. There is a huge market for traditional Castlevania games and I feel the more logical choice would have been to make a 2D side-scroller for the Wii.

kesvalk3653d ago

don't worry pal, we, castlevania fans can't even conceive this as a game...

is just like a gigantic pile of crappyness, i mean, look at simon, it's just disgusting...
the art is terrible, the game play is terrible... it's just terrible...

kewlkat0073653d ago

Looking at devil May Cry which has the likeness of a Castlevania game, it's just it's never been down correctly and the 2-D aspect of Castlevania was abandoned way too early before great 3-D gaming took off on consoles with the N64/PS1.

That is why I still get my 2-D(JRPG, Action-RPG) and other 2-D games fix on my NDS, where 2-D is still alive. I was hoping Castlevania goes back to it's roots. Imagine that game on the PS3 with the BD space, talk about a huge Castle with even 600%% finish target and lots of Items and replay value.(Ok I'll stop dreaming)

The last Castlevania I played on consoles was "Curse of Darkness" on the Original XBOX. Though I loved the soundtrack as I do with Castlevania music, the game was empty.

With MGS fading and besides PES how many other big Franchises left for Konami? They need to answer the 2-D callings..Even a new Contra ala Gears of War style, wouldn't be bad in 3-D since shooters can be popular and can be done right.

Main_Street_Saint3653d ago

Yeah a 3d game can be done, but not a fighting game; I just think that some games should remain in a certain genre be it 2d or 3d.

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kevnb3653d ago

a non nintendo made wii game is good, it happens... but not often.

N4g_null3653d ago

LOL I would say at least they are trying but the funny thing is the HD console are going to get the 3d adventure game LOL. Man I hope they get that right. I mean dang just admit you can't do 3d and go back to kicking 2d ass!

Well I'm still renting this. Soul calibur gave me a head ache in the two player mode LOL. I don't like most of the art also and why not make your own art for the characters IGA? I guess the guy was a fan who knows?

LOL Why feel bad for the fans though? They are more informed about their games and every one will look forward to a 2d game from these guys. They are clearly note paying this guy any money.

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