AusGamers Cliff Bleszinski Podcast Interview

As promised, AusGamers have posted a podcast audio interview with Cliff Bleszinski while he visits Australia as part of a promotional tour for Gears of War 2.

In the interview he talks about the updated technology, opening up the story and game-world and touches on Gears of War 3, the Gears of War movie and the fact we'll see no Gears of War 2 on the PC format.

Included in the interview is a stack of questions as posted by readers on the AusGamers website.

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BrunoM3658d ago

These guy makes good games .. i mean a good game ..

but the way he is is kinda stupid .. what does he think he is a rock star ? come on he did make a GREAT game and the why i got a 360 but come on . his no kojima or the maker of sonic mario FF HalfLife .. he needs to calm down ..

his good but not that good and if anything he thinks every one has to thank him for ears these peole need to put on their head the WHY he makes the game and has a job is me and every one else that buys HIS (ther) games ..

what ever a kick ass game he made but his an ass that all!!

CliffyBee3658d ago

talk out of my ass for too long. Don;t listen to this kidz, I was still drunk from the night before, when I finished MGS4 for the eighth time with a bottle of whiskey, only wishing that one of my games was a fifth of the brilliance of the game I was playing.


billythepunk3658d ago

I didn't think he sounded that up himself at all. I got a fair bit of cool info from that podcast

CliffyBee3658d ago

This is not in development as of yet. I can exclusivly reveal on N4G that Gears of War 1.5 will be the sequel to Gears of War 1.1!

Same faces, no story, and 5V5 online! What more could my proud xbox fans want?


GrathiusXR3656d ago

It's not bad just a bit to low as i had to turn my sound up a bit.. i thought the questions were pretty average.. the interviewer made the mistake of calling him Cliffy B which goes to show the sort of amateurishness of the whole thing.

The viewers questions were a bit more better as they had variety the interviewers questions were boring and standard. Asking about Gears 3 don't care, there are so many other things you could of asked that would of been so much better to listen to and get info on..

It was just to generic for me.. good old sit down ask couple questions get an answer and then bam.. i feel you didn't put yourself off to him as someone different from the usual corporate interview stuff..

XboxOZ360-Gamer were fortunate enough to have a chat with the 4 guys from Ubisoft on the Wednesday and we asked them some great questions that they were truly impressed with.. along with a personal chat with Cliff during the BB that night he felt somewhat amazed at what we knew and some good questions we asked..

but yeah its a not bad podcast for a first timer..