Star Citizen's Single-Player Campaign Squadron 42 Gets New Video Featuring Capital Ships and AI

Cloud Imperium Games provides a handy and impressive update on the development of Star Citizen's single-player campaign Squadron 42.

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298d ago
Ben Dover298d ago

Oh look.. more videos for something that will never release lmao. I feel sorry for the PC players and their endless wait, this whole game is turning into one big joke.

Lockdown555298d ago

It was a big joke about a year ago when there was nothing to show. If you want to talk about what it's "turning into" maybe you should watch the videos. It's actually "turning into" a fully fledged game. It still has a long way to go but every couple of months the game gets more and more likely to become a reality, not the other way around.

Lockdown555298d ago

You have a funny definition of Vaporware... Spending all the money people give you on developing a game and showing progress on a weekly basis as well as releasing fully playable versions of the game that continue to improve constantly is a funny form of Vaporware...

Traingamez298d ago

lol these guys will all have spaceships made of gold and diamonds and they will fly off to a distant world by the time this game releases, the final dev video will be them blasting off earth forever

Lockdown555298d ago

How will they afford those spaceships when they've spent all the massive amounts of money they've been given developing the most ambitious game ever created. Those multiple huge studios full of people working and producing content that is shown on a weekly basis isn't magically going to cost nothing, lol.

Lockdown555298d ago

Lol, all these salty people who don't even care about this game but spend their time commenting about it every time a video is posted. You know they come every week right? Every single Thursday there will be a new video showing content for this game. It's about time all these trolls relaized that.