Would You Still Play Call of Duty Without Multiplayer?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered possibly won't have multiplayer. But is that really an issue, and more importantly, would you even play an offline CoD?

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Neonridr207d ago

I always purchased the Call of Duty games for the campaigns. I did invest a lot of time in multiplayer for Modern Warfare 1 and 2, but I still loved the over the top story missions.

_-EDMIX-_206d ago

Well there you go folks.

I was just about to say that clearly Somebody probably is buying them for those campaigns

Neonridr204d ago

lol, I hope I am not the only one. :P

BrianOBlivion205d ago

I've bought and played every single COD game and have never touched the multiplayer on any of them.
I have occasionally felt a little gypped by a campaign that was too brief but for the most part, have enjoyed them all.
Same for every Battlefield that's had a campaign.

Majin-vegeta207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Sell story mode for $10 and the MP for $30

crazychris4124207d ago

I only play COD now for the campaign. Just not interested in that style of multiplayer at the moment. I try to do it cheap by either borrowing the game from a friend or looking for heavy discounts.

PhoenixUp207d ago

I mainly played Call of Duty for the bombastic campaign

narsaku207d ago

Until FPS games can bring a quality singleplayer experience and not just a bunch of cutscenes, famous actors and mini missions I certainly know I wouldn't. Well, maybe if they sold the game for 4.99 or something. Canadian.

UCForce206d ago

You know Modern Warfare 2 has best campaign. And also, are you seriously hate story driven game ?

Kokyu206d ago

No when CoD did actually research and remade actual WWII battles with help from veterans and had then recounting what happened thats when CoD had the best singleplayer.

UCForce206d ago

@Kokyu What about Black Ops 1 and World at War ?

GamesMaster1982206d ago

If you don't like the storys or cutscenes i think mabe a Atari 2600 would be more your console. As for me i only play games with story's and love the cutscenes in games.

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The story is too old to be commented.