UK Retailer Grainger Games Closes All Stores

Today UK retailer Grainger Games have closed their doors almost unexpectedly.

Staff in the stores which are closing will be paid until Saturday of this week, after which they're out of a job.

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ocelot07202d ago

Am actually really gutted about this. I was just in my local yesterday. They where still trading with no hint of them closing down. I know they had there credit slashed last week. But I didn't think they where in immediate trouble. There website has also gone offline.

Here in the UK we only have a handful of places to buy our games in the high street. GAME, Grainger Games, HMV, Super markets and independent game retailers (these are rare). Grainger Games where always always cheaper then GAME and HMV and the Super markets. Like just last week when Sea Of Thieves came out GAME wanted £45 for it where Grainger Games where charging £45.

Looks like I am now an online exclusive shopper when it comes to games.

Neonridr202d ago

sorry to hear you lost your local gaming shop.

ocelot07202d ago

It sucks big time only a handful of places that sell games now and they are all over priced. GAME (the UK's GameStop) is the only dedicated video game retailer who I refuse to shop with due to their outrages prices.

kenpachi202d ago

Try Argos usually cheaper then everywhere else I know they don't do trade in's.

FlyingFoxy201d ago

Lol i remember getting Luigi's Mansion for 3DS from Argos, it was actually cheaper than in GAME which was just a short walk from it in the same shopping centre.

CaptainSellers202d ago

This annoys me when you have shitty overpriced GAME that are still in business, Grainger Games was great :(

ocelot07202d ago

I honestly don't understand that. Graingers was always cheaper and better on trade ins. Both GAME and Grainger Games where within 3 stores of each other in my town and GAME is always a ghost town.

Dirty_Lemons201d ago

I worked for GAME for a while back in 2012 and was there the day our store unexpectedly closed - I was literally in the middle of a sale when the assistant manager got the call and shut it all down.

I know our Gamestation was soon after rebranded GAME, as they shut all the larger stores throughout the smaller UK towns, and it really sucks when you’re just a young person trying to make some sort of a living. I really liked Grainger Games, I was in there last week picking up Mario & Rabbids. Gutted they’re closing.

202d ago
-Foxtrot202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

I remember visiting Grainer Games in the Grainger market in town when I was younger, getting my Sega Megadrive games and continue to visit them even today

Such a shame. It was one of my hang out spots.


Frinker201d ago

Grainger Market smells m8 :(

-Foxtrot201d ago

Bu bu but Pizza by the Slice...evens everything out :)

The Wood201d ago

Never even heard of this chain, . .

Majors201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

That's when they were good and competitively priced, Charlies games wiped the floor with them TBH. Once Grainger games got a few shops under its belt the prices went up and up until they priced themselves out of the market.
Its their own fault really for overcharging on new games when Asda, Tesco, Amazon etc were nearly £10 cheaper
i.e New game £47 Preowned £45 (but they only paid £15 for it) - so it was still cheaper to buy new elsewhere
And there trade in values were shocking to say the least

LordCheezus201d ago

hopefully cex will follow suit, they are robbing gits too, like you say paid £15 for something sell it for £45. I am all for making proffit as that is business but some of these companys are a bit greedy and charge just as much for pre owned as a new copy.

Minute Man 721200d ago

GameStop in the States do the same thing, years ago they offered me like $2 for MW2 but was selling it used for $30

SenorFartCushion201d ago

I have one gaming retailer by my house and it's Grainger.


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