PSP Firmware 5.00 is now LIVE

Sev1512 of PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Grab your PSP's and go to Network Update to download the PSP's best update yet.

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Sev3654d ago

No PSN friends list. :(

BrunoM3654d ago

soo no friends list ...but hey it is a start a hell of a start

Marceles3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Nice update but I don't think it's the best PSP one. I do like seeing the sexy Playstation Network icon now on the PSP and access to the PS store though. It also lets me dream of how fast I want remote play to work lol..

BrunoM3654d ago

hi Marceles .. u talk about remote play .. u mean play other games or just remote play the psp going in to the ps3 over the net ..

if so theres something id like to ask u and any one that can help ... i can not get any way of using remote play over the net with my psp and ps3 ... i do go to setings on the ps3 do what i got to do there put alow start over net or what ever ... then i turn the ps3 off .. what hapens is my ps3 goes off and 5 seconds after it auto starts goes in to the screen showing that is wating for a conection ... theres no damn way of geting these to work ...

if theres something any of you can help with thank you!!

badz1493654d ago

he's talking about remote play for games! @bruno, if you've register your PSP to PS3, I think there should be no problem for remote play although in my case I needed to re-register my PSP every time before I use remote play for what ever reason that I don't know! after registering the PSP, you can go straight to remote play over the internet via the PSP and it should work but I also unable to connect many times before!

actually, I'm starting to doubt the stability of PSN! I'm using a wireless connection but when I use my PS3 with my PC or laptop using the internet at the same time, I usually got logged out from PSN and this happens many times during Warhawk and other online games! but the thing is, my downloads still running flawlessly and I can even browse the internet and watch youtube videos on my PS3 at the time when I have problem signing in to PSN! this frustrates me always! I think, the problem of remote play lies somewhere around this PSN problem and I really hope they can fix it fast! don't worry man, just keep trying

INehalemEXI3654d ago

I remember having issues with when I turned my PS3 off via the psp/remote play it would come back on by itself. It stopped doing that somehow I don't know what the issue was.

Marceles3654d ago

You're right Bruno...I can actually get connected while I'm at home on my own network, but anywhere else it does the same thing yours does. It's been doing it ever since one of the updates. The first update it worked fine, but after the next one it was tough for alot of people to use remote play anywhere else but home. It has something to do with Port Forwarding your PS3 to accept the PSP's connection, but it hasn't worked out for me so I've just only been using it at home.

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ape0073654d ago

thank you sony

all this awesome updates+free

sony ftw

pwnsause3654d ago

BTW the PC store is down and is having a redesign by the end of the month. if anything the PC store should be integrated with the PSP media manager on the PC.

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