Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Looks Gorgeous On Xbox One X In First Gameplay Footage

Ninja Theory has released a brand new Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice trailer today that shows footage captured from the Xbox One X.

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Ceaser9857361202d ago

This game looked great on the Pro and its looking great on the X too.. Xbox people out here do play this game.. Its short but amazing and just a suggestion use a good pair of headphones.. The Sound is totally mind blowing and also Sound does play an important role.. Amazing performance and Visual ....

Atanasrikard202d ago

Wasn't this game supposed to be a PS4 exclusive? Looks pretty good.

JayRyu201d ago

Nah...Ninja Theory never said it was ps4 excluisve.They were more concerned with the release and success of the game but never confirmed that it would only be on ps4.

SkippyPaccino202d ago

I truly hope Microsoft doesn't concentrate on the looks of this game to sell their Xbox one x. That totally undermines what this game is and cheapens everything to add and extra inch to its pixel D'ck...

Let the game stand on its own and don't pimp out its pixels for financial gains.

welly300202d ago ShowReplies(2)
MegamanXXX202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

It's the only thing Microsoft can rely on at the moment. What else can they do? I'm waiting for E3 to see what they do

They should talk about Dolby Atmos makes it sound better

cd1202d ago

It will only sound better if the XB1X is plugged into a digital receiver than can decode Dolby Atmos, outputting the audio through TV speakers isn't the same.

Kumakai202d ago ShowReplies(2)
Heelix202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

they have competitors

of coarse they're gonna highlight the fact that the game looks and performs best on their hardware.

I know I would.

SkippyPaccino202d ago

For games that are shallow, I totally agree.... But this is an art piece, they should just advertise it by name and that should be enough. Who needs to read the book when the book cover has more pixels than the Playstation book cover.

Dlaw76202d ago

I'm almost positive anyone who's buying this game already knows about it I own a ps4 didn't bother to pick this up but now I might give it a try on Da X

combatcash202d ago

Same here, wanted to play it then but never got around to it, but for sure getting it on the X now

coolbeans202d ago

I mean...I'm not against the 'spirit' of your message (maybe?), but what you're effectively hoping for is a company to not advertise its product's advantages over the competition.

SkippyPaccino202d ago

I'm not saying that at all... I'm specifically talking about this game. I thought it was a great piece of Art and selling it on its pixel count is doing this game a disservice. It's not a Assassin's creed game (which I totally understand talking about pixels) it's more like a great book, but instead of advertising that you can pick up this classic on on the Xbox store, they rather talk about how much more pixels the book cover has. (like thats a reason to experience this game)

Many people got sensitive over my none attack of the Xbox X (not you specifically) lol! I don't care if you buy it to count pixels as long as you buy it and support this dev...

AgeInTheCage202d ago ShowReplies(1)
Sm00thNinja202d ago

What are you talking about

rainslacker202d ago

I don't think MS is promoting this game. I'm sure they'll have it around in their store, but they don't have a hand in publishing it.

Wh1teLightning202d ago

How does that cheapen the game? Because it's more gorgeous to look at. Makes no sense whatsoever. If the comment was flipped and this was for the PS4 I'd make the same statement.

4Sh0w202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

That makes no sense at all, of course they can sell a already great game by name AND because the visuals are upgraded over its competitor...thats literally how advertising works= emphasize your strengths or at least advertise info that you want consumers to know.

btw Microsoft isnt the publisher here as far as I know.

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solderman202d ago

No buy until physical release.

Ausbo202d ago

So you don’t buy any of the indie gems that are digital only?

2cents202d ago

So glad I didn't t have time to play this the first time.

Ethereal202d ago

Glad to see the xbox camp get to experience this. Fantastic game that is truly something different.

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