No Man's Sky headed to Xbox One, next big update arrives this summer

Eurogamer(via Tweeter): Hello Games has announced that its ever-expanding space exploration sim No Man's Sky will get its next big update this summer, and will also be heading to Xbox One.


Let's try to enjoy more games for more people rather than make another submission into fanboy discussions. ~Christopher

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Fragnum296d ago

Wow, this is a surprise!

I did not see this coming.

lxeasy296d ago

No Man Saw this coming... Pun intended 😎

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Exari296d ago

It's the perfect game to have after sea of thieves. So when you're done with sea doing nothing, you can continue doing that but in space

jerethdagryphon296d ago

Great its expanding weather xb1 will actually want it is another question

IamTylerDurden1296d ago

Sam Fisher

No Man's Sky sold well over 3 million copies. With VR , more updates, and the Xbox release it could very well sell 4-5 million copies lifetime.

To those mentioning Sea of Thieves. No Man's Sky has a better Metacritic and Open Critic score than Sea of Thieves, and those scores were tabulated at launch when it was still unfinished. So it got better reviews than SoT and it's now VASTLY improved. Needless to say, No Man's Sky right now is a much better game than SoT with dramatically more content.

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TheCommentator296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

I told everyone from the beginning that I'd talked with the devs at the Gamestop conference about it coming to Xbox. They said that they were a small studio and wanted to focus on one version first and then consider porting it to Xbox later. I assumed they decided not to after the reception it received but I'm glad they improved it so much post-release and have finally ported it over.

darthv72296d ago

I figured they were just taking the time to get multiplayer working. Then bring it out as a definitive edition at some point with all the bells and whistles.

IamTylerDurden1296d ago


I actually believe the backlash is the reason it's coming to Xbox. If No Man's Sky released without the controversy i think Sony would've paid to keep it console exclusive. Even though it sold well it caused a lot of bad press and Sony disassociated from it a bit. They marketed the game, they invested in it, but now Sony has no motivation to keep it console exclusive. Actually, it's great that the game is getting a second chance.


No Man's Sky is already native 1800p with advanced AA and gorgeous HDR on PS4 Pro already. Even if the XB1 X version is native 4K HDR as you suggest, it's not really a huge difference. Native 1800p and 2160p, and both will have HDR. No Man's Sky is gorgeous on Pro, and it should be similarly gorgeous on X.


No Man's Sky actually did add a rudimentary form of multiplayer. It's already in the game. I don't even understand the huge multiplayer backlash. It isn't an MMO like SoT, it's a survival game, and multiplayer was a feature that was never promised. Sean merely mentioned a hypothetical scenario on a talk show and people turned it into something it wasn't.

Retroman296d ago

I'm glad Hello Games porting this Junk over to Xbox
"No one want" No man sky.
Now PS4 gamers can focus on better games.

TheCommentator295d ago

@ Tyler

I understand why you have disbelief that I talked with Sean Murray at the Gamestop conference a few years ago, but this was always his intent. He wanted the game multiplatform, but needed to focus limited resources on one version of the game. Obviously, his ambitions required all of this time post launch just to make what he felt was a complete enough game to release it on Xbox.

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tontontam0296d ago

hello games employee: wtf xbox fanboys defending sea of thieves

hello games ceo: we should release our game on xbox, xbox fanboys likes sea of thieves so much our game will be a hit, if not xbox fanboys are hypocrites.

G20WLY295d ago

The outcome is so predictable lol

vega275295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

More like.

Hello games employee.: WTF sony fanboys defended SF5, GT sport, and Drive Club which was suppose to be a launch title but came out years later with little content. You would think they would love our game.

Hello games ceo: nah all they cared about was that it was exclusive to sony and the ps4. Just for bragging rights. But once we decided to go to other platforms. Then they start bashing us.

Hello games employee: maybe we should have just released the game on steams early access program like we was originally suppose to.

Hello games ceo: yeah we should have. But like cliffy B. We thought having a higher install base would get us more sales. Now with the backlash we have to hope it does well on other platforms.

Hello games employees: I thought sony was going to give us the first party treatment. It's not like they didn't know what the game was before it was released. That's why we showed sho playing it.

Hello games ceo: well because of backlash sony threw us under the bus and distance themselve from us. Now we have to wait for the contract to end so we can push it on xbox one fans and maybe switch.

tontontam0295d ago

@vega275 lol everyone was excited when hello games showed no man's sky every ps fanboys have high expectations and were bragging about it before the game is released, but then ot was launched and it sucked. if the game sucks it sucks. noone defended it unlike xbox fanboys they defended sea of thieves because they would die of embarassment bragging about sea of thieves all these years.

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hulk_bash1987296d ago

Great, now Xbox One Only players can experience this complete let down of a game. Im sure they'll be people who enjoy it, but this was built up as the evolution of the genre and never lived up to the hype.

bluefox755296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

Well, it doesn't have to live up to the hype for them, because they weren't expecting to get it. They can judge it on it's own merits without any of the hype.

NeoGamer232296d ago

I am unlikely to buy it, but I don't think any gamer should be deprived of it simply based on the hardware they chose to purchase. Even if it is not something I care about.

I want the world of timed-exclusivity and exclusivity to end. Whether it is XB, Switch, or PS, I think that exclusivity should die and all gamers should be able to enjoy all the games they want to play without having to buy more than one console.

Having more than one console is a ridiculous waste of money as a consumer... That said, I have all three. I could've bought about $500 in games supporting publishers and developers to make more games rather than having to buy three pieces of hardware/accesories to play the entire suite of games I want to play.

Mr_Writer85296d ago

Exclusives are needed to keep the market competitive.

Without them, all consoles are the same box with a different logo.

I get where your coming from, but I just think it wouldn't work.

hulk_bash1987296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

Ive always advocated for releasing more games that everyone can enjoy. Im not saying it shouldn't be released on the Xbox One, but it doesn't change the fact that the game wasn't great. And it didn't live up to the pre release hype built up by the Developers and the industry.

NeoGamer232296d ago

Yes, the developer definitely had what I call "Peter Molyneux Syndrome". It is better to under promise and over deliver than over promise and under deliver.

IamTylerDurden1295d ago

Hey, Sea of Thieves was a huge let down with a worse Metacritic and Open Critic score but some are supposedly enjoying it. And NMS is vastly improved now.

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