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ThisGenGaming says: "Assassin’s Creed Origins takes the series in a new direction with more RPG elements and it’s better for it. The game has a huge map with an incredible density of things to do which will keep you busy for well over 100 hours. It looks amazing and especially those playing on an Xbox One X hooked up to a 4K/HDR TV will not believe their eyes at how simply gorgeous it is. The production quality here is off the charts and I can’t help but look forward to where the series might be headed next. But for now? I’ll gladly dive back in for a NewGame+

This is a MUST purchase, people!"

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Fragnum202d ago

Great review, definitely the most in-depth and probably the longest too, So it lives up to it's title.

I especially like the photos and the fact the screenshots were taken off camera, added an element of fun you don't get too often :)

Thanks for sharing :)

bloodyspasm202d ago

Love your feedback! Truly appreciated! :D

toddybad202d ago

I'm a big fan of AC and platinum every one.
I think purple have gone OTT about origins.
It looks great and improves many things from previous editions.
Significant portions of the map didn't need to be there, however, and the game had a lot of filler spread throughout the world to get you to explore.
Apart from Siwa the entire left hand side of the map didn't need to be there and pushed the game into being too long imo.
I actually preferred syndicate and unity.

bloodyspasm202d ago

yes, but you didn't need to explore that left side of the map. I had half of the map greyed out when I beat the final main quest. I just look at it like extra content for people who only buy 1-3 games a year and that gives them new challenges and places to explore rather than just doing new game plus every time.

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202d ago Replies(1)