God of War New Game Plus Is Replaced By Something “A Little Different” ; Ending Discussed

God of War, the new entry in the series starring the God slayer Kratos, is going to be released soon on PlayStation 4, and there’s still a lot we don’t know about the game. New Game Plus, a feature present in some of the past entries, is something that has yet to be confirmed officially, and it seems like the new game is going to sport something slightly different.

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bigmalky204d ago

I hope it's like the Nier series and delivers more or alternate paths to multiple endings.

But that's the reason why lazy reviewers stated Automata was a short game... They never played past the first credits.

littlezizu204d ago

GOW is more like bloodborne world interconnected once completed other areas open up for optional quest and bossess. Just check out official podcast episode 6 they tell about it.
link is below

bigmalky204d ago

Thanks for the link. Trying not to read or watch too much about the game in case of spoilers, so I don't know very much about the new GoW.

littlezizu204d ago

@bigmalky podcast contain two content. 1st part is about this new world and 2nd part is dev talks about game mechanics. So it's not that spoilerly but It's fine if don't want to listen as you will experience 1st hand when you play it

Kane22204d ago

I don't know how I feel about this. if there isn't a new game plus..then what is it??? this will be the first god of war with no new game plus..

UCForce204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

I think new god of War will have chapter base game. Where you can select chapter or something like that. In previous GOW games, you didn’t have chapter base game. You only have New Game Plus.

Kane22204d ago

then that doesn't need to be kept a secret then. hell, he still refuses to tell us does Kratos get more than just that ax...

UCForce204d ago

Like he said, we will have to wait and see. He isn’t going to spoiled the story.

Kane22204d ago

I just don't want a repeat of ascension. I hated that Kratos only had one weapon through the entire game.

UCForce204d ago

In ESRB, it said the game will have sword. So there will be more than one.

Araragifeels 204d ago

In the first version ESRB, it mention Kratos blade return but it was quietly update and taken off the ESRB.

littlezizu204d ago

He already said you will find stuffs in the world that will be unlocked like optional and bosses. Game world is like soul series every area is inter connected so finishing a game unlocks some new area to explore

thekhurg204d ago

Except for the 1st God of War - which had no new game plus.

Eonjay204d ago

Its extra dungeons and superbosses

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KilluaX3204d ago

Maybe the combat changes to the old way? :O

MarineLineman204d ago

Different is fine, but I hope it’s something similar. With the games BloodBorne-like leveling system, it’s ripe for NG+, and that alone will give it a substantial amount of replayability.

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