PlayStation VR Bundle £259.99 Starting Tomorrow

PlayStation UK have confirmed that starting tomorrow the 29th March 2018. The PlayStation VR headset bundle which includes the camera and PSVR voucher code and obviously the PSVR headset will retail at £259.99. This is a permanent price drop.

For the rest of Europe this bundle will retail at 299.99 Euro.

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ocelot07296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

Will be interesting what the prices will be come black friday. I think £199.99 but to anyone toying with the idea of getting a PSVR headset. Just do it I did it for almost a year until I eventually bit the bullet and am so glad I did. So many amazing experiences and games available right now.

Kurisu296d ago

I got my bundle for £250 last black friday (this bundle + GT Sport), so I imagine that come this November it could quite easily hit £199.

Kribwalker296d ago ShowReplies(4)
Aenea296d ago

Good news! Was wondering when they would drop the price officially!

This will make it even MORE of a success than it already is! With 2 million sales it's the best selling VR headset and this will make sure more people can get it which will result in more games being made.

It's funny how fans from a certain platform can feel so left out of the VR revolution that they need to bad mouth it tho with lies, sad really.