PS3 Firmware 2.5 Now Live

ButtonMasher writes - As mentioned in a post from the other day firmware v2.5 for the PS3 has now been released. The new features include some handy new functionality like the ability to take screenshots in compatible games. It also has upgraded the Flash Player ability to support Flash 9 content in the web browser.

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Homicide4569d ago

Awesome update. PS3 rocks!


update kicks ass. who likes the new features?

meepmoopmeep4569d ago

DivX VOD Registration Code?
Sequential Playback :)
Sleep Timer :)
loads faster :)


lol at bots hittin disagree.

anyways, enjoy guys!!!

littlebigplanet is available in my area tomorrow, im definitely gonna be enjoying that tomorrow.

ThanatosDMC4569d ago

Yeah, everything seems to load faster! AWESOME!!!

ape0074569d ago

help me please

I started my ps3 and nothing happens yet

I live in ksa btw

Area_514569d ago

I CAN confirm WORKS watching Heroes right now

PoSTedUP4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

yup. watching 28 weeks later right now : D haven't seen it yet.

pwnsause4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

"DivX VOD Registration Code?"

This allows you to buy or rent from a store that sells Divx videos ( and allow it to play on the PS3 without any problems as long as the video is regestered to your Divx account, go to to learn more. basically an alternative to the PSN video store if you think about it.

DARKKNIGHT4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

cycle the switch on back of ps3. then restart normally

lol.... just noticed psstore is quicker.

Wow this 2.5 update gave my ps3 a nice tune up.

Raiyel4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )


I don't know if I'm the only one who's noticed but this FW Update completly breaks my favorite feature and one I felt was soooo special about the PS3!

When you play a Video or TV Show / Movie off the HDD which I do all the time, and then push the PS Button, it Pauses the video!!! What the hell! Before the update you could freely move through the XMB, check your downloads, change your settings etc while the movie played in the background! IT WAS PERFECT - NOW ITS GARBAGE...

I love the improvements in this update but the choice they've made to disable playback of video while in the XMB is a travesty! Please somebody hear my prayer and restore this beloved feature...

INehalemEXI4569d ago

I like how on your buds list it now tells you how long its been since they where last online.

KillaManiac4569d ago

MyspaceTV works now, but its only 1/2 of a normal video window.

Also Youtube's Fullscreen button will not work now?

Anyone else experiencing this??

WTH! :(

besides that...POWER SAVE FTW!

ape0074569d ago

thank you very much :)

bubbles to you mate

Downtown boogey4569d ago

A great, magnificent update! Makes my videos utilize the stylish nuances of black and white!

monfa4569d ago

did anyone mention

-zoom function in LIFE


instantstupor4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

I tried updating my system to this new firmware and was met with a 8002F1B0 error at 57%. I called tech support and my super helpful rep Cody says the only thing they can do is to CHARGE ME $149.00 for repairs...for something not only sanctioned by Sony, but REQUIRED to play new games or get online. It seems absolutely ludicrous to me that this is my only option considering I have taken nothing but the best of care of my system.

I understand that these things happen, but for God's sake, fix your own problems on your own dollar. This has really soured me towards Sony. I bought a PS3 because it was supposed to be reliable, what a f*&cking slap in the face that was. I'd go to XBOX, but it's just as likely or more to die on me. I might get the PS3 fixed, but I have to say this has really got me considering PC gaming way more seriously than ever before. Ridiculous.


I was also told by Cody that if done wirelessly, packets could be lost or mixed up in the download process and could create an unusable and damaging firmware update sounds fishy as crap to me, but if I were you I would download the update via computer and use external storage OR at least plug your PS3 directly into the internet via ethernet. Just giving you guys a heads up directly from the horses mouth.

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Ju4569d ago

Guys, 29%. Get off my line. :)

juuken4569d ago

Mine is almost done. :3

babananaman4569d ago

Happy Gaming people.

i'm gonna enjoy watching vidoes on OVGUIDE ;)

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dantesparda4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

Mines is updating fast, really fast

Update: Started at 11:34 and finished at 11:44, so exactly 10 minutes and thats including the install. And thats with a 3mbit download speed connection (DSL), i would like to see how much better my 8mbit Cable connection would do, but i need a router for it, so i just use it for my PC

Ju4569d ago

I guess you were just lucky. I got a 7MBit line, and it is just dog slow. Its the server more then my line, I guess.

jwatt4569d ago

Yea mines is pretty fast I started 3 minutes ago and Im done.

shine13964569d ago

yeh mine was pretty quick and all.. I'm in london and it took me about 3 to 5 mins.(It is 8am here though)

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