Dead Space = Hype

Kit Blanke writes:

"You know… I'm typically not a "hype" person. I don't like ads, and I intentionally ignore them. If I take an opinion, it's gotta be from a real person. And, even then, I reserve judgment on everything until I try it myself. And all this noise coming from EA about their new survival horror game is cacophonous. So, here's the deal: Dead Space = Hype."

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Silogon3658d ago

It does, it really does. It's an alright game; don't get me wrong.. I've played it all night now, but it's not that good. Silent Hill Home Coming is better and Siren kicks both their asses.

Dead Space is a marginally decent game at times, brought down by a tremendous amount of problems, both graphically and gameplay wise.

sonarus3658d ago

don't be a hater. I am hoping really hard this game is great. I'll play it thursday myself.

Calling this games rating success hype is dumb though. This is easily one of the least hyped games of the yr

JokesOnYou3658d ago

I've seen quite a bit of gameplay and the majority of reviews seem to be praising all the same key points (good sign of no BS) so I don't think its just "hype"....sometimes I think we gamers can tend to be too critical of our hobby, hint, hint Silogon but then again I haven't played it yet....we'll see.


Silogon3658d ago

Don't mix up my feelings on the game, I like it. It's a good game, but it just isn't as rewarding as I had hoped. the atmosphere is here and the graphics serve, for the most part... But it is weighted down by too much tracking back and forth and bland texture work. The gameplay is lifted from a generation past, aswell.

It is a good experience, but if you don't have the money to get all the game on your list this year; pass this one up and get the next one on it. Trust me, I've played it a great deal now and am not being biased or too critical.

rogimusprime3658d ago

garbage and full of bias. It's clear whoever wrote this is just a little hate imp who can't even pretend to be objective. You lost all creditability when you compared Halo to strategic dismembering. Shooting off the floods arms wasn't even close to necessary. Even more respect was lost when you brought up asteroids.


The reality is, there are hardly any games where you can say "that concept has NEVER been done before", but the WAY it's pulled off is what matters.

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Shaka2K63658d ago

If i want something scary i much rather play Silent Hill - Homecoming best on Sony PS3.

wibble3658d ago

"But it is weighted down by too much tracking back and forth.."

That's enough to put me off. Bioshock had tons of praise and yet when I finally played it I lost interest the moment some dude locked in a room asked me to track back and forth taking photos.

"Go get your own freaking photos!" was my response...

Game over..

I play games for fun and to enjoy the artwork. I shouldn't have to work to be entertained.

When video games start making you track back through levels then it's often a result of the developers wanting to stretch things out, to make the game last longer without having to make more levels.