Sea of Thieves Currently Unavailable for Some Players With Xbox Game Pass Subscription

Users of Microsoft's subscription service may not be able to play Sea of Thieves at the moment.

A posting on the Xbox Live Status page confirms Game Pass subscribers may be unable to play Sea of Thieves, which was including in the service's library of playable games upon its release last week.

PhoenixUp2071d ago

That’s the majority of players who will be playing this game

Neonridr2071d ago

I dunno.. I mean the game was #1 in the UK territory last week for sales, so that means a lot of Xbox users bought the game.

AspiringProGenji2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

just like every new game with lots of hype

Neonridr2071d ago

@AspiringProGenji - that still doesn't change the fact that it had to have sold copies for it to be #1 on the list. I wasn't commenting on the quality of the game or anything like that. Merely that game pass members do not account for sales of the game on charts.

Gaming_Cousin2071d ago

Just like every game with lots of hype

Prince_TFK2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )


Just so you know, lot of games with “hype” didn’t sell well, namely games like Titanfall 2 and Mass Effect Andromeda.

2071d ago
IamTylerDurden12071d ago

It did like 22k, sales were not impressive. #1 doesn't necessarily equal huge sales.

_-EDMIX-_2070d ago

I don't understand? Have you seriously never taken a statistics class to actually understand the true value of numbers and charts? Being number 1 on a chart does not actually mean you sold the significant amount of units it's simply means you're number one on the chart , so take for example if number 2 only sold 1000 units, you probably could have sold 1001 units...

sooooo that doesn't actually mean the game is massively successful, that doesn't mean a sequel is incoming ,that doesn't mean it broke a bunch of records , that doesn't really mean anything because you have to understand that it is simply saying it is the best selling game that week, it would be a stupid as saying you have the best selling game of a specific hour but if you take into consideration maybe that was the only game that released at that specific hour of course they could top off this fake achievement.

So I don't fully get why you don't really understand the context of things just slow down read and then think about it because it sounds like there's some users on here that just jump to massive conclusions based on a headline as opposed to actually really focusing on what the information means to decipher what's going on. I mean with that logic you might as well start celebrating that this is the best selling game of all time that starts with "Sea Of"

Neonridr2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

@EDMIX - wow, yes educate me on reading and comprehension.. please do buddy.

I am actually reading perfectly fine. It's people like you that have to make special concessions. Oh it only sold the most because it was a slow week. X number of copies isn't a lot.

Nobody said it broke records, nobody said the game was good or bad. I literally just said that it sold the most and that doesn't factor in game pass sales. That was it.

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Eonjay2071d ago

This I can figure out what they are doing or if maybe more people joined on than Microsoft expected and its lending to the server issues.

darthv722071d ago

Unfortunate but not really surprising considering they are uploading a new build of the game. It will likely be sorted out before too long.

Eonjay2071d ago

Actually that could be it or maybe they are prioritizing people who have it now and paying customers and then will reopen the door for Gamepass members.

Heelix2071d ago

your comment is based on nothing...

Whereas topping the charts is actually factual evidence.

ocelot072071d ago

@Kun_ADR this is true but Titanfall 2 deputed in the number 2 or 3 spot during it's first week of sale in the UK. Spite having to go up against Battlefield 1 and Call Of Duty so reaching the top 3 in the first week was pretty damn good. Same with Mass Effect it didn't sell very well but first week numbers where pretty good. We will know by next week if Sea of Thieves is still selling well.

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AspiringProGenji2071d ago

Quick! Get the game out of the service. everyone is unsubscribing after trying the game.

TheDriz2071d ago

I bought the game after trying it. Can’t wait to get home and play more!

frankiebeans2071d ago

that makes no sense but sure if you say so.

TheDriz2070d ago

Why doesn’t it make sense. My trial ends in like a day or so and I have plans to play this weekend. Makes sense to me.

RainOfTerror2071d ago

Might have something to do with the new/big patch being rolled out? It's a full client download so maybe it's just temp. unavailable until the new version has been uploaded?

Or maybe it's for the better, so the game is no longer boring us to death :)

ocelot072071d ago

Maybe it's an easier way to see how many paid for players are playing compared to game pass players :)

That's a joke people please don't get offended. Am a gamepass owner and spite the lack of content am enjoying it with my friend. How long will this enjoyment last I don't know.

Godmars2902071d ago

Having both versions on the same servers are what's causing it?

Sgt_Slaughter2071d ago

It's like the snowball rolling down the hill keeps increasing in size. Even if it's a glitch or something minor, that's embarrassing.