Team VVV Racing Game Year Awards 2018: Best Handling

Since its inception, Gran Turismo has been sold with the tagline “the real driving simulator.” While some of its competitors may have more hardcore handling, Gran Turismo Sport hits the sweet spot between authenticity and accessibility – whether you play the game with a wheel or a controller. Playing Gran Turismo Sport with a wheel is simply sublime, particularly with Thrustmaster’s flagship T-GT wheel and its new depth feedback technology that simulates the sensation of the tyres gripping the tarmac more realistically than force feedback.

Crucially Gran Turismo Sport plays extremely well on a control pad. But no matter which input you use, the car handling in Gran Turismo Sport is remarkably realistic and intuitive without being excessively difficult – driving in real life is far easier than some hardcore racing simulations would have you believe. Put simply, Gran Turismo Sport's beautifully balanced vehicle handling sets the new gold standard for future console racing games to aspire up to.

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The_Sage230d ago

Gran Turismo! I've loved this game since its debut on the original PlayStation.