Nintendo E3 2018 Predictions - What We Might See

"It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With E3 less than three months out, I couldn’t help but make a dedicated hype video. From Fire Emblem to Super Smash Bros., Nintendo’s 2018 offerings are already looking very strong. " -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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LaWiiG209d ago

All I want is a damn Crysis announcement. Although I did hear a while back it wouldn’t be a Crysis 4 installment

Cyborgg208d ago

Metroid, Bayonetta 3, and Luigi Mansion

SR388207d ago

Yes! Bayo 3, Metroid and hopefully a Metroid Prime trilogy hd, Luigi's mansion 1&2 hd and 3 :)

Avengerz43208d ago

Metroid Prime 4 gameplay footage and a holiday release date or 1st quarter 2019 date. Smash gameplay and new character announced. A fire emblem switch announced. Just some on the tops of my wish list