X-Play: Quantum Theory First Look

Producer Keisuke Kikuchi talks to X-Play about Tecmo's upcoming shooter for the PlayStation 3, Quantum Theory.

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LightningPS3PS33660d ago

Quantum Theory > Gears of War

PoSTedUP3660d ago

i hope the MP is nothing like gears of war.

supahbad3660d ago

i hope that this game isn't just a shooter with a bash, i hope tecmo can use their ninjaesque experiecne to make this like gears of war with an anime twist by adding all sorts of cool kills.

and also i hope the mp will be as tactical as gears, but also have giant crazy battles when i wanna go crazy

samoon3660d ago

yes this is gonna be freakin awesome!!

and multiplayer SWWEEEETT!!!!
finally some gears action on the ps3

arakouftaian3660d ago

the gameplay looks fun knwo we have to see how good this is n some multiplayer gameplay video n if is good i may buy it!!!

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