Xbox Game Pass April 2018: Robocraft Infinity, Cities: Skylines, theHunter & More Added

Welcome to your action-packed April Xbox Game Pass update. With this month’s release, we’ve got an exciting new addition to Xbox One that all Xbox Game Pass members can enjoy alongside our standard monthly title releases. Here’s a hint: it’s time to #BuildDriveFight.

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BigWan78210d ago

i think Game Pass can be a jackpot for some of the smaller Indie Titles ... i actually can't wait to try some of these smaller titles...

lxeasy210d ago

Yeah I agree with your comment

optimus210d ago

Seems like a stale month for game pass. They could have mixed it up and thrown in some classic blockbusters with some Indies... Well, at least there is state of decay 2 to look forward to later on.

monkey602210d ago

Cities Skylines is a great game. Yeah it's a niche title but that's the idea behind mixing it up.
I'll probably try the hunting game for a bit of fun and it's a game I certainly wouldn't buy so I appreciate that kind of title being added.

Also I thought State of Decay was April so I'm a little disappointed about that haha

optimus209d ago

Well, April is pretty much next week which is why I said there is that to look forward to to make up for sea of thieves.

IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Game Pass and Sea of Thieves definitely align with Microsoft's GaaS model, it's just not the direction i want to see our industry go. GaaS, MTs, $60 early access games, and a digital only future.

IamTylerDurden1209d ago

No big name titles. I get the appeal of Game Pass in theory, but so many people brag about EA Access, XBL, and Game Pass. I can't imagine paying for three separate services on one console.

AmstradAmiga209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Nothing wrong with having options though is there?

My question would be if whether or not EA would charge the same person twice to have EA access on PS4 and Xbox if it were avail on both platforms.

By the way, when Game Pass launched I ditched EA Access!

optimus209d ago

you make it sound like they are forcing you to pay for those services...i would think that anyone who payed $30 for 1 year of ea access and played most of the games they have within that year will have no reason to keep renewing it. same for game pass.