GamesRadar: Saints Row 2 Review

GamesRadar writes: "We don't get the recent GTA IV backlash. At all. GTA IV was amazing. Deep down, everyone knows it. Though even we'd admit that once you'd plowed through Niko's story, what remained was hardly the greatest example of raucous sandbox fun...

The anti-GTA IV, Saints Row 2 puts all this right. It's almost as if devs Volition took stock of the response to Rockstar's epic and, gazing past all the hyperbole and 10/10 scores, realised that huge swathes of the game's fanbase simply didn't care about ultra-realistic physics or "Oscar-winning" narratives; they just wanted to romp around in a hot dog suit pimping hoes, gutting pedestrians with samurai swords and spraying cops with feces. So they set out to make that exact game – and, it has to be said, have succeeded."

You'll love:

* 100% fun
* Best co-op around
* Allows tons of creativity

You'll hate:

* Technically a mess
* Wafer-thin story
* Not a looker

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