Redditor Creates Beautiful Mockup of a Zelda HD Collection for Nintendo Switch

A Redditor Creates Beautiful Mockup of a Zelda HD Collection for Nintendo Switch - A Redditor on the r/NintendoSwitch subreddit has created a beautiful mockup of a Zelda HD Collection boxart for the Nintendo Switch.

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nintendoswitchfan1311d ago

I still own my Wii U so TPHD/TWWHD aren't an issue. Nintendo needs to come out with a SS HD though. Vastly underrated game and it would be awesome to see the game fully realized in its visual splendor.

Neonridr1311d ago

a three pack of them would be pretty awesome though.

guywazeldatatt1310d ago

This is what I want. OoT and MM are on the 3DS, but to have tww, tp, and SD on one cartridge for the Switch would be awesome

guywazeldatatt1310d ago

I think it will happen in one form or another. BoTW has made Zelda more popular than ever and they will be introducing these games to a new generation of Zelda fans. If they don't, it's a huge missed opportunity.

guywazeldatatt1310d ago

Most people didn't own one though. Or ever did. The Switch has already surpassed it in sales.

Pookandpie1310d ago

Skyward Sword could definitely use the HD treatment, especially if they fix some of the issues SS originally had (extremely obtrusive tutorials to the point of showing you what a blue rupee is every time you pick one up after powering off the system, the Imprisoned really doesn't need to be fought three times, honestly, among other things).

That game had some of the best combat and dungeon design in the entirety of the Zelda series, though. Seriously- I don't remember the name of the boss, but it's the mechanical one with multiple arms? Best fight in any 3D Zelda. It's rewarding, intuitive, and inventive.

Zeldafan641309d ago

It never bothered me having to fight the Imprisoned 3 times.

The name of the boss you're thinking of is Koloktos.

It surprises me that you aren't advocating for getting rid of the motion controls. For the record I love the motion controls.

Pookandpie1309d ago

I would never recommend getting rid of the motion controls- Koloktos is where the truly shine as a unique and gratifying experience. I never had an issue with them throughout the entire game, but that's because I wasn't pointing my remote at my sensor bar (which, admitting, is what the Wii trained people to do for years up to this point).

The tutorials and Imprisoned were my least favorite parts of the game- even more so than the empty backtracking, etc.. The motion controls were on point, though.

Sirk7x1310d ago

I'd like to see a modified SS, removing much of the hand holding, streamlining some of it, and world changes such as loading the entire Skyloft at once, so hopping on a bird is seamless instead of going to a loading screen. Perhaps even a new lighting engine like WW HD had. The story and artwork in SS are beautiful, and with some minor changes to alleviate the flaws, could easily be one of the best Zelda games.

Zeldafan641309d ago

I'm surprised I'm not seeing anyone say they should ditch the motion controls.

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OldManWyatt1310d ago

If they came out with a bundle like this, I would buy a Switch in a heartbeat. I could play BotW and some of my favorite entries all on one convenient system!

emiyaxtousaka1310d ago

It would actually kinda make the Switch a Zelda machine, which would be great for Zelda fans. I think SS would come out separately though, and WW and TP should be bundled since they would be ports of the Wii U versions, while SS would be a remaster from the ground up.

guywazeldatatt1310d ago

I just want SS HD personally, but it would be nice to have WW and TP too, since the Y button on my GamePad sticks and I don't want to buy a pro controller. SS HD would being able to finally showcase the watercolor effect that didn't quite come across in 480p.

Sgt_Slaughter1310d ago

I would love two HD Collections. One for 3DS with the original games (maybe a reworked LoZ II) updated in the LBW Engine, and Ages/Seasons, then the console games updated for Switch at 1080p/60fps. Would be a lot to do but since they already have updated engines and such, redoing those games wouldn't take too long.

Mr_Writer851310d ago

Haha haha Nintendo releasing a collection of Zelda games lol.

If they did, they would be separate and £70 each.

Lockdown5551310d ago

Yeah, that there's no way Nintendo would ever do that those greedy pigs...

...looks over at the Zelda Collectors Edition for the GameCube.

-Foxtrot1310d ago

Yeah and how long ago was that? The industry is very different from those days

Mr_Writer851310d ago

They were HD remakes were they?

They were just ports, and I'm pretty sure it cost more than the standard WW.

Lockdown5551310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Although they were pretty much just ports they did have higher resolutions and a few other minor tweaks. Stating that the game industry is different now is a bunch of BS. I could see the inclusion of SS being a bit far fetched but a bundle of the two HD relreleases that have already been made on the Wii U would be almost an identical set up where they release a bundle that includes the two major Zelda games released on the previous console. On top of that fact Nintendo is obviously getting pretty good at porting Wii U games these days.

jjb19811310d ago

This would be so awesome but I can see Nintendo Milking them for $50 a piece.

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