Naughty Dog Just Finished A Playtest For The Last of Us 2, Says Troy Baker

The Last of Us: Part II is one of the games that have generated the most expectations in recent years. After all, millions of players look forward to seeing what Naughty Dog is preparing after some years of hard work that resulted in The Last of Us and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Although little is known about the title, Troy Baker recently gave a brief clue about the current state of the project.

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lxeasy208d ago

I'm so ready for this game. I love the first one

SpaceRanger209d ago

We had some major trolls on here saying that it wouldn't come out till 2020 lol

2019 looks to be even better for Sony on their exclusives end!

Eonjay208d ago

If you guys remember, IGN reported that God of War was actually 'complete' some time ago around E3 of last year. They spent that time playtesting and making changes. But yeah. Another example EVERYONE say, the director of Spiderman PS4 has played through the game at least three times meaning its done. Sony has games on deck. Its the real deal.

Elda207d ago

I heard also that GoW was finished a while ago & they were just polishing it & playing it making sure it ran well.

Rude-ro207d ago

Not complete, but play tested beginning to end in a basic state.

bluefox755208d ago

TLoU2 with be PS4's swan song before PS5, just like the first game was before PS4.

Neonridr208d ago

yep.. TLOU was basically the pinnacle of achievement on the PS3. So you could very well be correct here. Comes out in 2019 and then the PS4 rides off into the sunset with the launch of the PS5 in 2020.

scofios207d ago

Ether this or dead stranding

Xenophon_York208d ago

"Trolls?" Come on, man—some may have suggested it could get pushed back to become a launch title for PlayStation 5. Though, my personal belief is that it will launch on both the PS4 and PlayStation 5. In any case, I think dragging for "major trolls" is a bit of a stretch.

Yeah! Last of Us: Part II!

Veneno207d ago

If they launched on both ps4 and ps5 they would miss out on the double dip

UltraNova207d ago

Veneno, the ps5 will probably be backwards compatible.

Veneno207d ago

That is far from confirmed. I would wager they would only do that if the new Xbox did the same and I dont mean that select BC games BS. FULL BC. And they would also habe to make that work with digital games. Are Sony and MS really willing to do t hat? We'll sew.Also there would be the benefit of a Remastered ps5 version just they did with PS4.

2pacalypsenow209d ago

Imagine if they came out at e3 with a 2018 release?!

Hardiman208d ago

I doubt it but in a perfect world Neil would walk out after the gameplay demo and say Holiday 2018, drop the mic and walk off the stage!

Mr-Dude208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

Biggest E3 then.. Everybody would scream and cheer even over the streams.

Elda207d ago

That would be glorious but doubtful.

sprinterboy207d ago

If the tlou pt2 comes out holiday 2018 then ps5 is a guaranteed holiday 2019 release with full reveal of specs, and reveal of the console itself all in one reveal, maybe like a Nintendo direct show a month or so before E3 2019

MarineLineman208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

I’d be very happy, personally, but on the other hand, I’m sticking by the fact that I have no problems waiting until next year if it means the game will continue to reflect ND’s mastery of game creation. They should have as much time as they want, and I’m happy with that. Same goes for Kojima and DS. Let the last wave of high profile PS4 titles be perfect.

Neonridr208d ago

The internet would break again. But I'd rather they take their time and release a polished gem.

Ceaser9857361208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

This will be out in 2019 May ... Feb 2019 for Days Gone. Ghost of Tsushima and LOU 2 will need a gap of 2-3 months

Xenophon_York208d ago

There is certainly the possibility of an 'eighteen launch—especially if the PlayStation 5 comes in the last quarter of 'nineteen.

Sony has exceeded practically everyone's expectations up to this point, so who knows?

nucky64207d ago

I hope not - this fall is already looking amazing with the spyro collection, metro: exodus, and, of course, RDR2.

I_am_Batman207d ago

I'm not even sure if we'll get it in 2019.

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DigitalRaptor208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

It's exciting to see these milestones being hit.

Whether it's Insomniac saying the whole studio has been play testing Spider-Man, or this.

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