RUMOR: Next Xbox to be "Forward-Compatible"

Xbox Evolved has uncovered some interesting information that could change the way videogames are made on the Xbox 360 as early as next year.

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My Flopshake brings 3658d ago

This means all your future flops are guaranteed to run on it

eric1003658d ago

I wonder whether there will be a new xbox

I think LBP has finished x360 and for MS console war might be over

JasonPC360PS3Wii3658d ago

Yeah it's to bad sales say otherwise, sorry to stomp on those pixie dust dreams with the truth droids.

Pain3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

told yea.

So just like Gears 1 was ported to XBOX 2 for a Higher -rez so called next-gen Game, all XBOX 2 games will now be made for or with XBOX 3 in mind.

and SONY making a PS4 more or less a Steroid induced PS3 is bad? How is it any different then how M$ did or is doing to Reset the field once again?..... how lame M$ and its followers are. sad...

blackbeld3656d ago


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PirateThom3658d ago

So, in other words, like a PC, your hardware reflects what resolution, texture quality etc are affect?

rCrysis3658d ago

that's what it would seem like. =/

pretty interesting concept. but wouldn't that mean devs can't optimize the specs to the newest console??

Blaze9293658d ago

I think he nailed it for all those confused by the article

Kami3658d ago

if hwat the artiucle says is true. that crap is gonna rule!
but cant they do that just with a filmware update??
for ex. make the 360 play rginal xobx games with its hardware rather than using 1:1 emulation. you know what i mean?
same with ps3.
like a pc. emulators in pc(if you have agood pc) uses its hardware to make games look sharper,more frames and bigger resolution.

ruibing3658d ago

Hold on a second. Backwards compatibility means newer systems can play games for older systems, so forward compatibility should mean older systems can play games for newer systems. This would be closer to how PC handles playing new games on older machines by reducing the graphics. Doesn't this bring up the same issues that PC games have with compatibility between old and new machines?

Xi3658d ago

Unlike PC's there would only be a limited number of possible combinations.

While PC's have to deal with every make and model of card, and processor. The consoles would only need to worry about 2, the older and newer versions.

JokesOnYou3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I see what you're saying Xi, yeah in concept I think its a very promising idea, similiar to what we already see with PC's, however no PC or console hardware is "future proof", this would simply extend the next gen life cycle of the next xbox platform to ensure its specs could handle future higher spec games for a longer period, maybe 10 or more yrs of actual playing progressively higher & even higher spec games before you would need new hardware.

Edit: damm, my bad this response was meant for your #6.1 post

Well the term "future proof" is subjective since obviously nobody's implying "forever" so I guess this idea of future proofing a console could work but I still believe the word is overused, at any rate as fast as PC's and tech changes, I really don't see any hardware being revelant for too long.


Bnet3433658d ago

Hmm ... it's a rumor. I bet it's 100% bullsh*t. Especially of this.

IaMs123658d ago

so basicly it is like the PC, the better the Hardware the better the graphics... so say if this worked on Max Payne 1 game, and i played it on the new xbox it would say have graphics like Gears? thats just an example making sure i get the idea.

BISHOP-BRASIL3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )


I don't think this (upgrading hardware) is MS exact intention, but this is exactly the same I have thinked. And if for a side it could be good as having not to buy a total new console or it could give PC gaming a hand while combating piracy, I still unconfortable with some ideas that come to mind:

#1 MS alone controlling what you can use as hardware and software in this baby. Have you seen 360's HDD price? Now imagine a change in something like Memory or a major party as a CPU. What about software prices? If they choose to charge you for things like a browser?

#2 The software side of this, to be a console, only made by MS or made in the system regulated by MS. This is not anormal to a console. But for a PC-like machine? I don't know if I want to be stuck with internet explorer and outlook in this thing. They do really suck. At the sametime, MS is pretty experienced to make software, if they make the right effort and are in the right mood, maybe we got look.

#3 MS showed us they aren't the most reliable hardware projector around. They should just handle it or take their time right, not rushing it. And I really don't know if I want a upgradable machine with less option in parts, specially if MS is the only one making it (again, price and quality come to mind).

#4 Another feet in the monopoly direction?

That said, not necessarily the bad outweights the good. I would be interested to hear more, but I'm also not holding my breath.

AAACE53658d ago

I wondered how long it would take before console developers tried to go in this direction! And don't think it's just one company that would do this, because all of them would eventually do it at some point.

Mozilla893658d ago

Your mom's forward compatible. Sorry thats the first thing I though when I got done reading and I couldn't help it. haha

jwatt3658d ago

I think anything we hear about the next gen consoles is all rumors. Wouldn't it make sense to be tight liped about this stuff now Sony can put this same feature into the ps4.

TheDude2dot03658d ago

This is stupid. Why don't they just release two different discs like the PS2 and PS3?

I don't see the point in this. Probably just to get people to buy teh 360.

thewhoopimen3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

This idea of forward compatibility is an interesting concept but I think flawed as well. This is suggesting that future games made for the xbox 720 should run on the 360.... right? But why would MS want to do that? Wouldn't this delay the hardware transitions that they want people to do? Plus it also means 2 things.

1) The next xbox will not have a blu-ray drive. 360's can't read bluray discs right, so it can't be used.

2) This will demand downloading for the 360/720 or multiple disks or both. I'm assuming MS wants to go downloads b/c 720 games will otherwise take up even more space than 360 games. Also, a 360 version of the same game means added redundancy. 720 games will need to run smoothly, and probably output lower textures for 360.

Personally I don't like the idea of downloaded full version games and I'm sure the mass majority of you game owners would agree. Besides size/download issues (disk drive limitations/slow speeds) it would mean having content controlled and time dated by MS to expire would suck(ie 4th gen xbox coming out, plus no disc collection) Also, if they keep live paid gold subscriptions ... you don't pay... you don't play.

Downtown boogey3658d ago

If this happens, I'll be bumped! Devs making games that look better than the quality the initial console can produce and then later on customers get graphical improvements and a backwards compatible game for free!

DeadlyFire3658d ago

This concept doesn't mean you can play Xbox 4's games on the Xbox 3. It simple means that if you buy a X360 game in 2009 then in 2010 when the X720 comes out you can play the same game on the next Xbox and see some graphical updates with its new software. Just like what Sony has done with its games from PS2 and PSX. They both can see some improvements on the PS3 right? Very small though and dealing with higher AA mostly.

Alvadr3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Yep looks like MS are just going to replace PCs with Xboxs. Pritty soon their will be a Windows 360 and then Office 360.

cherrypie3658d ago

"Have you seen 360's HDD price?"

Yes. $19.95 for 20GB.

Oh, have you seen the price for the PS3 HDMI cable(!)

$53 here at WM:

masterg3658d ago

To me this sounds like the worst thing that could happen.

Think of it this way.

It would mean you would play games that was not ment for your system. Just like a bad port.

It would mean that the step from one generation to the next would be way way smaller than anything worth paying extra for.

Like if they made Little Big Planet for the PS2. This would not be possible. The console simple could not handle the fysics. It's not just the graphics. If LBP was developed for PS2 and PS3 the PS3 version would not be what it is today. That is simply impossible.
The same goes for all other games.

drewdrakes3658d ago

masterg and everyone else, read the article. as one guy above put it. it means that the 720 will be able to IMPROVE 360 games graphics. not that youll be able to play 720 games on 360.

Oner3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

@ cherrypie

Did you know it's a REFURBISHED 360 HD! But what about this?

$150 for a 120gb HD ~

But yet you can get a 320gb (or bigger) for less on the PS3!

Oh btw have you seen this price for a PS3 HDMI cable?

$5.28 ~

Either way grow up & take that crap to the OPEN ZONE -------->

masterg3658d ago


Read my comment and article again.

It says developers would make games for the 720 (while it's still not out), but make them playable on the 360 as a lowres game.
It's not the other way around. Meaning the 720 would be limited by the 360.

"Imagine playing Gears of War 3 on your Xbox 360 it looks and plays good right? Well imagine that the year after it comes out you go out to buy the next Xbox and it looks even better, it plays even better."

xhairs93657d ago

Lol Oner, you just made my day by oning cherrypie. The funny part is he went to walmart and typed in PS3 HDMI and the only reason it came up was because it had the word PS3 in it, but what he fails to realize is that the PS3 is an open system. We're not forced to conform and buy specifically the Sony specially released products (hence why a $5 usb headset will work)...unlike some people who have to make up excuses to justify their actions.

player9113657d ago

HDMI cables and headsets aren't the topic here.

On-Track: I can see this working. Just like games on a PC now. The graphics are high-res and designed for the cutting edge hardware (Xbox 720) but will work in older hardware simply by reducing some of the graphical settings.

That would work IF:
The Xbox 720 was on DVD discs.
The games could see what system you are on and scale automatically.

I personally think they mean that they will start to include higher graphics on current games... so we'll see a bigger benefit when we play them on the newer console. This would give people incentive to upgrade (play older game collection with high res graphics).

The ladder (playing 720 games on 360) would only hinder hardware sales as lots of people don't think graphics makes a game. So why would someone spend money to buy a console with better graphics when you can play the same games with a small loss in graphics?

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My Flopshake brings 3658d ago

Such as;Failo 8,Tears of Snore 5,Viva Flopnata 4,and so forth and so forth

Zerodin3658d ago

Those don't sound like they'll do as well as Halo 8, Gears of War 4, and Viva Pinata 4.

BIoodmask3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

you are spot-on with your assumption. That would be a pretty neat feature as all the old games would be a better...Smoother frame rates, sharper resolutions..etc.

MiloGarret3658d ago

From a business perspective however, its completely retarded, unless they charge for the "upgrade" or hope to make a killing with additional DLC. Devs, publishers and MS make money by selling stuff, a customer who is happy with his old "improved" games is less likely to buy new games.

Though I'd love to see this feature in the nextbox, I seriously doubt that this is true, unless something is being left out.

Lord Vader3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Actually, from a business perspective, that both alienates competition from your tech & sells more consoles:

This article however, refers to the hardware &/or software of the next machine having backwards AND forwards compatibility & rendering higher rezolutions & smoother framerates to older & newer titles... just like jacking up your pc with a better videocard, more ram & a better processor & running a game you love (either current gen OR last gen), at a higher rez with more power & fx @ higher fps than before...

As someone else said, unlike pc games as a whole, all 360's game code would be similar & easier to manage optimization within the same architecture of said code, & transfer the "upconversion" to your screen... & therefore big titles from this Gen, like say... Gears of War 2 or the "Next Next Gen" Gears of War 3... could theoretically look & run better & "cleaner" on the "Next Next Next" Box. For me, TRUE backward compatibility would be a definate blessing... additional processing would be most welcome, & forward compatability a bonus.

But this would come at the cost of "upgrading" your box every year or two as the tech expands (via hardware)... just like a serious pc rig... or you could leave it as is... whatever your wallet can afford... but gaming would ratchet forward on yearly basis & not a console generation basis...

If true, no more waiting for the "next" console... you can upgrade as often as the hardware/software upgrades are made available, & the games you already have will look even better. And if software updates are part of the package, most likely they would be FREE.

Capt CHAOS3658d ago

But a customer who knows that the old game will run very well on his new hardware is also more likely to buy some of those old games..

xhairs93657d ago

I call it, "XBOX Mojave". See why we had to create a website and publish a project about why it actually is a good thing and people are just making stuff up. See how much of our money we threw away on this...and then...then you may view real testimonials.

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cp683658d ago

i personally would have never imagined it possible to render your games better in another system...i believe this article is legit. let's wait and see, microsoft might really bring something huge soon.

INehalemEXI3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

The PS3 already makes ps2/ps1 games smoother, better AA. This looks like its going further though and would be an added insentive for 360 owners to upgrade to the next system at launch.

When I read the title I was expecting they where going to build the hardware to have a memory expansion or something. Like Genesis or N64.

Edit: Hit the PS button while playing a ps2 game on PS3 and you will have the option to use smoothing. Why would i lie?

Max Power3658d ago

PS2 also did it with the old PS1 games, i remember playing a ps1 game on a ps2 and it was better, more clearer.

INehalemEXI3658d ago

Yup, I thought ps2 did it too but could not recall thanks man.

thewhoopimen3657d ago

What world are you from that you don't know higher end systems can render the same game better. Haven't you played games on an older PC and then installed it on a newer one and done comparisons? This idea of forward compatibility isn't a sell. Its old PC tech with "magical" marketing on top.

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