Why Dragon Age 4 Must Succeed, and Why It Won't

The Dragon Age franchise has been Bioware's only fantasy series for a few years now. After the failure of Inqusition, if they can't get the next game off the ground, it's likely to be the last.

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FallenAngel1984210d ago

“After the failure of Inqusition”

Dragon Age: Inquisition received critical acclaim upon release, with critics praising its story, voice acting, soundtrack, detailed environments, and engaging combat. The game did receive some criticism for the presence of technical issues. It was awarded over 150 year-end accolades and nominated for more, including Game of the Year and Best Role-playing awards from several gaming publications. It currently has an 89 on Metacritic.

According to Electronic Arts' fiscal 2015 third quarter earnings report, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the most successful launch in BioWare history based on units sold.

PressXtoBacon210d ago

Based on units sold. The return of a series of that caliber after such a log absence is sure to turn some big numbers. But fan reception tells a very different story

ThatGuyDart209d ago

BioWare fans are about one of the hardest crowds to please. Im one of them. I can tell you that this game was not a failure.

There was a very "meh" reception when the game first came out. Not good but not bad.

However when BioWare released the DLC the game started to come together more and after a few playthroughs you realize ita actually pretty good.

Dont get me wrong, DA:O is still the GOAT, but to call Inquisition a failure is just wrong

_-EDMIX-_209d ago

Yeah that's not simply just based on units sold literally over a hundred and fifty Awards I'm sorry but that doesn't just happen on accident I mean we could all criticize it compared to the other Dragon Age games but can we please stop exaggerating and pretending as if the game was one of the worst games of all time because it starts to just get pretty ridiculous in terms of exaggerations.

Barbauer210d ago

says a lot about how subpar 2014 was if freaking Inquisition got 150 GOTY awards...

FallenAngel1984209d ago

@ Press

Fans be divisive on any game. It doesn’t make it a failure though.

@ Bar

Really man? 2014 was not a crappy year.

PhantomS42209d ago

You do realize it only got the praise because it was better than DA2 but that doesn't take much and it's still a terrible game.

_-EDMIX-_209d ago

Not really because there's lots of games that are easily some of the worst games of all time that I don't think that just because there's a game slightly better than the worst game of all time it's suddenly going to win a game of the year award I'm sorry but this excuse that Dragon Age Inquisition is only getting praise in Awards because it's better than Dragon Age 2 is a bit ridiculous.

You don't need to like the game but please stop trying to disrespect the developers in the users that purchased it simply because you disagree the game very much deservingly won multiple Game of the Year Awards as well sold very well.

So you might disagree but that's completely fine but I don't see any reason to begin exaggerating the game success simply because you can't accept that someone likes something you don't.

PhantomS42209d ago


Where did I insult anyone who bought it? It's a bad game. Poor story, forgettable characters, boring side quests and worse it felt like an offline MMO. It was another one of Bioware's promises to be more like what people loved about the original and totally went in the opposite direction. Origins were amazing and Inquisition wasn't even close to being as good. It came out in a year where there really wasn't much, wow.

_-EDMIX-_209d ago

I know right

i have no clue where they're getting failure from that game won a lot of Game of the Year Awards when it released I thought it was a very good game.

FallenAngel1984209d ago

@ Phantom

You do know a game doesn’t get that many awards by only being marginally bette than its predecessor right?

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DaDrunkenJester210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Dragon Age has become one of my favorite series from BioWare. Origins was fantastic! DA2 was a big let down, but they made some good leaps in the characters. The combat was just mashing A a ton and I didn't like that.

Inquisition, for me, is a mixed bag. I actually shelved it because I got so bored of that opening area, but I came back a couple months later, pushed through some main missions and then it hooked me.

If DA4 can bring back more of the combat from Origins and get rid of the boring repetitive missions from Inquisition then I think it will be fantastic.

PressXtoBacon210d ago

I tried so hard but I didn't see the point. There were such great ideas, like the war room map, bit execution was a bit sloppy.

gutteranthems210d ago

I didn't mind the characters in this one but the Corypheus suffered from MCU syndrome for sure.

Lord_Sloth209d ago

My only real issues with DA:I were the lack of control over how my party fights and having to get points to "buy" the next story mission.

DA:O had so much depth in control over their AI that I never had to micromanage them whereas in DA:I they're so horrible and the second they finish the action you tell them to they just waste all their stamina/mana.

The gameplay was fine, characters were okay, story was interesting, but the team AI and those points really annoyed me. I liked the ruling aspect of it and sentencing people.

MLGecko210d ago

DA:O was incredible. Me putting 80 hours into any game is unheard of but I just kept picking up that controller and chipping away at it without realizing it. DA2 was bad. I grabbed DA:I based on the rave reviews it was getting across very popular review sites. I played about 8 hours before just coming to the conclusion that 8 hours was more than enough time and the world was boring.

BioWare seems to kill it on initial ideas but struggle with keeping a world interesting. I think it is time for DA to go off into the sunset.

gutteranthems210d ago

As a big fan of Bioware, I keep telling myself it's EA, and not them.

PhantomS42209d ago

Unfortunately, Bioware is nothing but an EA puppet, they will do anything and everything EA asks without question. A shell of their former self.

Retard209d ago

Bring back healing, fix your plot holes, and pay attention to character development. DA:O was my personal favorite.

Copypasta that shit and update the graphics, carry the story forward, toss innovative RPG elements.


Findingcrybabies209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

All the people that made bioware what it was are long gone. Thank EA for that. I wonder if there are enough "white tears" to keep the studio running after Anthem and DA4 fail to impress?

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