IGN: Crash: Mind Over Mutant Review

IGN writes: "Developer Radical Entertainment has admirably tried to revitalize the Crash Bandicoot franchise at the request of Activision -- not an easy task given that the mascot hasn't really starred in a particularly innovative or cutting-edge platformer for a decade. Really, it's akin to taking over public relations for Cory Haim today. Sure, he used to be pretty cool. A teen idol, even. But now he's just kind of crazy. And when I stare into Crash's redesigned face, admittedly sporting more detail than ever before, I think I can see the same I'm-still-here glare, yet underneath the forced smile, there's no soul. Worse in Crash's case is that there really seems to be no identity. Since his inception, he's been a poor man's Mario and while Nintendo's franchise has developed over the years, the Bandicoot has pretty much stayed the same -- in other words, with no fresh gameplay mechanics to fall back on, he's remained practically indistinguishable from the bajillions of other platformers that litter today's industry. Crash's star has left the building, as it were, a truth evidenced by the fact that one of the main selling points in these latest titles, Mind Over Mutant included, is that you don't have to play as the Bandicoot; you can instead control a number of no-name monsters, most of them more interesting."

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Grassroots3658d ago

I want to get a comment from Naughty Dog to hear how they feel about the progress of the series they created fantastically. Crash 1-3 are classics in gaming!