1UP: How Gearbox Works: Interview with Randy Pitchford

1UP writes: "From Samba de Amigo to Aliens: Colonial Marines to Borderlands to Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, to say Gearbox Software's busy is an understatement -- especially for an independent developer. And those, of course, are the games we actually know about. We recently caught up with Gearbox president and CEO Randy Pitchford and found out what the hell took so long with Hell's Highway. What about maracas for Samba? When will we hear more about Aliens? Plus, we get the latest on the genre-bending Borderlands. It's all about gun porn, folks.

Finally, Pitchford's a self-proclaimed Achievement whore chaser, and we find out what he likes about Achievements and Trophies -- and how they'd work if he were in control."

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