1UP: Sam & Max Season One Review

1UP writes: "1UP reviewed the first "season" of episodic series Sam & Max (starting here) when it first came out for PC in 2006-'07, and the Wii version doesn't change much in terms of content. So if any of the freelance police's work throughout six PC episodes of point-and-click adventure intrigued you, playing them on Wii should fulfill your need to experience endlessly cheeky dialogue and occasionally inscrutable puzzles that ask you to stick weird objects in even weirder places to somehow trigger -- wait for it -- a weird chain of events you probably didn't see coming. (And even if you haven't been intrigued by Sam & Max yet, try out Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die! for an awesome musical number involving a Secret Service agent named Superball who evokes The Matrix's Agent Smith in the best way.)"

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Zerodin3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

..To Sam and mother fvcking MAX. Those games were perfect 2 years ago, they are perfect today.
Like I said...1up reviews are all hate cake!