1UP: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

1UP writes: "It's a testament to the level of detail in Midnight Club: Los Angeles that I can search for a real-world L.A. landmark on Google Maps and find it in the game and in approximately the same spot -- give or take a few blocks. But the most impressive technical aspect of the latest Midnight Club is how well this massive world seamlessly serves its purpose as a hub for races. Upon entering the GPS mode, the game zooms out of your current location and gives you an overhead view of the city, showing which races are currently available and their respective difficulty levels. And then it zooms back down when you're ready to hit the streets. Obviously, this isn't a new idea...but it's an impressive take on open-world racing nonetheless."

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Gambit073682d ago

But, is it better then Burnout?

El_Colombiano3682d ago

I think so, but then again, all that DLC. FREE DLC....I don't know man...

Lord_Ash3681d ago

I haven't played this game but I doubt that it's better than Burnout, Burnout is the best with all the free updates and features.

El_Colombiano3682d ago

Damn them for releasing this game the same month period of Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, and Motorstorm 2!!!

Peter Griffin3682d ago

damn dem indeed. damn i really what this game though. MORE REVIEWS ASAP