Obama to Place In-Game Ads to Reach Voters

Presidential candidate Barrack Obama isn't a big gamer, but he does know how to reach them. Obama is buying up ad space in eighteen video games, with Guitar Hero and Madden '09 among the targeted titles.

The ads will be placed, in-game, on billboards and other places where an unobtrusive sign can be placed or hung. The video game ads will target states that allow early voting: Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Montana, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, and Florida...

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My Flopshake brings 3658d ago

He shouldn't associate himself with the flopbox,the RROD could prove deadly in his campaign

GiantEnemyCrab3658d ago

Nobody likes to hang with a loser!(Im sure you can relate to this) So why would he go with the loser of this gen the POS3? Not to mention, he wants the ads to actually reach people, not talking Sony bobble-heads who can't see the screen because they have Ken's ball's in their eyes.

hahahahahahahahaha weeha!

CliffordM Bleszinski3658d ago

im not going to vote for these scumbag. i would be 10 times better as president than mccain and obama. in fact i should vote for myself instead.

Imallvol73658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

didn't he speak not too long ago about how games were a waste of time and other bad things about gamers? Now he is going to turn around and campaign in a video game? Yeah, cool guy.