Why You Should Play Fallout 4 From Your Backlog

BacklogCritic: "Fallout 4 may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you loved how the other Fallout games play and feel, it will certainly feel foreign for returning players. But for a more action oriented RPG experience, you really can’t go wrong with Fallout 4, it has tons of content on offer, with interesting characters and subplots to keep you entertained. With a full season pass worth of content still to come after your first playthrough, and we’ve not even mentioned the mod support Fallout 4 has to offer, you have a real centrepiece when it comes to modern day RPGs."

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G20WLY260d ago

I'm waiting for the announcement that it's coming to PSVR 👍

hardmankensington260d ago

PC is getting Skyrim VR, so I assume it's only round the corner!

gunopisi260d ago

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LizardRock259d ago

God, I wish.
I've heard the PC HTC Vive version is a hot mess though. hopefully they'd get those bugs fixed first

G20WLY259d ago

Yeah, I heard the same thing. Not looked into if they've fixed it or not. Seems odd that Skyrim worked so well - I'm sure they can do something!

DivineAssault 260d ago

I want to see how Elder Scrolls 6 will look.. Its time they bust out that new engine.. Filled with all those amazing bethesda bugs

TedCruzsTaint260d ago

Making an engine to suit their needs would, quite literally, take as long as the development of an elder scrolls or fallout title. Whatever their next release is, I think it will still be using their current engine. Though that may be the last time.
I'm waiting to see another situation like New Vegas, where they have an outside developer handle one of their major, in-house, IPs. I think that would be a good indicator of them working on a title with a new engine, using a 2nd party release to close the gap between releases.

Just personal input, however. And that said, their games are glitchy as hell, and that' on an engine they've been using for a decade and a half. Imagine what's possible with a new engine?

DivineAssault 260d ago

It does take a long time but im sure a team was working on it after fallout 4.. If not, unreal 4 engine would do the trick.. Thats a very flexible engine for all types of games. Very impressive

monkeyshawn60260d ago

That game should have won GOTY.

TedCruzsTaint260d ago

Take away the differences of being, essentially, an FPS vs a 3rd person action RPG. Witcher 3 did pretty much everything better. Witcher 3 is one of, if not the best, action roleplaying games of the last two decades. Personal taste may vary. Fallout 4 wasn't even the best Fallout game. It was by far the weakest, in a lot of ways.

monkeyshawn60260d ago

I disagree. I don't think the Witcher was that great.

Razmiran260d ago

Well, but most people did, thats why its considered GOTY

Cmv38260d ago

I couldn't get into the w8tcher. Fallout 4 imo was so much Better.

Armaggedon260d ago

There is one thing the game didnt do better, and thats character progression and player interactivity within the world.

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Vegamyster260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

I loved Fallout 3 & New Vegas but 4 was very disappointing. The dialogue system was half baked, the main story didn't have that many likeable characters or moments, there wasn't that many side quests and the inventory system was awful to navigate through with all the different weapons that had mods on them ect. It was by no means a terrible game but it felt like they could have done so much more with it, i'd like to see Obsidian take another crack at the series.

Armaggedon260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

People seem to forget why we play Bethesda games. We do not play Bethesda games for story, likeable characters, and branching choice dialogue. We play Bethesda games for unparalleled interactivity and agency in a big open sandbox. If this does not appeal to some gamers, there are other studios who specialize in what you may like. Game devs have specialties, and if they deviate too much from that focus, they will end up making everything average or worse.

Vegamyster260d ago

I guess you didn't read the part where i said i loved Fallout 3, a Bethesda game...

Armaggedon260d ago

I think Fallout should have won as well, but people seem to really like the Witcher. One friend got bored after 10 minutes. Another friend literally looked out of the window in the opening, and shut the game off. He has not played it sense. I think its a good game, just criminally overrated. The developers even claim they did not expect people to like it that much.

TedCruzsTaint260d ago

A couple hours in, you appreciate everything offered in a game like New Vegas, so it pushes you through yet another playthrough of that superior game?

Armaggedon260d ago

I couldnt play new vegas. 10 minutes in and I was done.

TedCruzsTaint259d ago

I thought it was the best in the series. Fallout 4 effectively removed the role-playing elements from a series that started as Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Roleplaying Game.

Armaggedon259d ago

Thats just me. A game can have all the rpg elements in the world,but if the combat is not At least average, I wont invest.

TedCruzsTaint258d ago


That's fair. Personally, I always thought that they should have stuck, purely, with the VATS system for the newer Fallout games. Judged as shooters, even with New Vegas that was improved, they are terrible. At least Fallout 4 had actually serviceable shooting, though I think they pulled back on the VATS in turn. For me though, Fallout is about the character and world building.

SolidGear3260d ago

Picked mine up during a launch party and had the platinum in 3 weeks. Loved it. Not as good as Fallout 3 and New Vegas but still awesome.

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