Rumor: Street Fighter Alpha 2 coming to PS3, PSP

Gamertell has found a posting in the ESRB web site for "Street Fighter Alpha 2" for PS3 and PSP.

The ESRB listing shows Sony (SCEA) as the publisher and the rating as "Teen" for - what else? - violence.

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Yi-Long3659d ago

... why didnt they just go for Street Fighter Alpha 3!?

And why bring out SFA2 for PSP, when we already have the far superiour SFA3MAX for that system!?

LightofDarkness3659d ago

I prefer SFA2 to 3, and welcome this if it's true. SFA2 and SFIII:3rd Strike are my favourite Street Fighter games (and probably my favourite fighting games).

Cenobia3659d ago

I got Street Fighter Alpha 1. Not so great actually.

They'll probably release the best one (which I guess is 3) when they make enough sales on the other two. That way they can milk every possible penny from their fans.

Honestly I'll probably only be getting Street Fighter 2 HD, if even that. Of course, fighters aren't my favorite genre.