PUBG Mobile Review - IGN

There’s no replacing the accuracy of a mouse and keyboard or appeal of a console in a battle royale shooter, but PUBG Mobile is a technical marvel.

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NecrumOddBoy1035d ago

PUBG can truly do no wrong and IGN's eyes. I wonder what their thoughts on fortnite mobile will be

nowitzki20041035d ago

And can do no right in other peoples eyes.

Old McGroin1035d ago

Never really had any interest in this. Didn't even know it was on mobile until today and downloaded it out of curiosity, it's a really good game, would love to try a full fat version but I'm restricted to the Switch. Anyone heard anything about this or anything similar coming to Switch?

AgeInTheCage1035d ago

I'm sure fortnight will be nintendos big E3 announcement, they already got it running on mobile so im sure switch can run it on very low settings.

Old McGroin1035d ago

That would be nice, I like the Switch but I miss having a really good online game to come back to over and over.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1035d ago

Very low settings? Lool Fortnite isn’t pushing any boundaries visually so I’m pretty sure switch can run it just fine.