WhatIfGaming LBP Review: A Planet Just Like Any Other

Usman Ihtsham of WhatIfGaming writes:

"LittleBigPlanet was heralded as one of the must-have games of the year for 2008 from SCEA and developers Media Molecule. LittleBigPlanet manages to fuse the imagination of the mind and take it to a whole other level in a little, but rather big planet that makes for something truly unique and innovative essentially. The primary gameplay itself is stunning, but like every planet, there are good and bad parts regardless...."

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JoyiusHammer5104d ago

Great review by them. I made a mistake posting the one before this, but mod helped fix it.

razer5104d ago

bravo on sneaking this past the sony censors in the pending section. you got lucky.

RandalCG5104d ago

good work on fixing it. they don't give review scores.

wicked5104d ago (Edited 5104d ago )

If you read it they gave it 8.8/10

There are definitely many problems in LittleBigPlanet that prevent it from being a must-buy game and edge towards a good “borrow” from a friend for a few weeks. We can easily give this game a 8.8/10.

highdro5104d ago

only possible on PLAYSTATION 3


Yi-Long5104d ago

... you can create your own levels, and you can pick and choose the levels that seem good. If you only pick crappy levels, and make boring simple levels yourself, ofcourse it will never live up to it's potential.

LBP gives you, and any other gamer, the TOOLS to make this the best platformer you have ever player or imagined. Obviously, it's succes also depends on your abilities to do just that.

I'm pretty sure, that for me, this will be a great great game... but I can understand others, who might not be into the whole 'creating' stuff, or into platforming, that it might not be that interesting.

Popeye5104d ago

I buy games so I don't have to create levels to play on. LBP isn't for me.

BrianC62345104d ago

"I buy games so I don't have to create levels to play on. LBP isn't for me."

You don't have to make levels. That's only half the game. You can play the levels that come with the game and then play the lvels everyone else makes. I'm not saying you have to buy the game but making levels isn't all LittleBigPlanet offers.

pixelsword5104d ago

... okay, which game, including this one, makes it a requirement for you to make your levels?

Not those "game park business" sims because you don't play in the levels, so you're pretty much talking out of your butt.

mfwahwah5104d ago


Play. Create. Share.

Create is only 1/3 of the tag line. So the majority of this game is for you, by my logic.

Tough luck missing out on this because you can't be arsed to try something new though.

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