Sony : PS3 Downgrade Rumors Not True

A Sony spokesperson has dismissed rumours that the PlayStation 3's hardware specs are to be downgraded as "ridiculous".

Reports on several top game sites recently claimed that Sony was having trouble fitting all the PS3's components within the console case and that the Cell processor could run at a lower speed than originally stated.

Speaking to Eurogamer this morning a Sony spokesperson Jonathan Fargher told Eurogamer: "The PS3 downgrade story is categorically not true.

"Developers have been working with PS3 dev kits for anywhere between eight and 12 months, and to suggest that we'd now take the decision to downgrade the hardware at such a late stage, is, well, ridiculous.

"Worse still is the suggestion that we couldn't fit all the technical components into a plastic box," Fargher continued.

"Granted, whilst all products are not perfect, we do have over 40 years of experience making consumer electronics equipment, and therefore, extensive experience in making things fit - PSone and Slimline PS2 being just two examples of that."

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achira6312d ago

outlaw a very good job !!! i said it all the time, you are one of a few persons who have no prejudices. its nice to see that all xbox fanboys were false. they knew it and bashed the ps3, but there was no reason. but i hope they will learn something from this. i cant wait for my ps3 !!!! outlaw are you going to buy a ps3 too? if so perhaps we can play a game on the net ?

OutLaw6312d ago

I still don't know about buying a PS3. But if more good news comes in for Sony, and game developers start showing what they could do for the system. I may consider buying one. If I didn't buy one it would be the first time I didn't get a PS on release date. I usually get all different systems on release date.

I'm glad you enjoyed the post Achira.

Thank You.

USMChardcharger6312d ago

i am a 360 owner. and you will not find a single comment from me directly bashing the PS3.
but as far as you go...i see comments where you bash the 360 and games coming out for it all the time. you never cuse or attack someone like ssj did...i am not saying that.
i just find it weird that you make that comment about fans bashing a system.


buying a PS3 is still a bad idea...

TheMART6312d ago

So you believe the same guys that are LYING all the time?

2 x HDMI uhu
all games in 1080p uhu
No external adapter uhu
Rumble Rumble NO RUMBLE
We all need BetaBluRay uhu
Killzone 2 and Motorstorm in game footage UHU
CGI gamemachine it is.

So you run directly after this rumour again then. Out of the Sony camp. Biggest lying club ever to be seen

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Gh0stDrag0n6312d ago

But I'll still wait until the price comes down.

Chainblade6312d ago

oh my gosh, ,an other false rumor by the stupid 360 fans...
I bet we'll see more of theese attacks

joemutt6312d ago

The PS3 will be downgraded? Those darn xbots trying to say the PS3 wont be downgraded! Scatter you xrats.

Thanks for your insightfulness.

Funky Town_TX6312d ago

Why is it that when there is bad news it had to come from a fanboy. This guy did not dismiss this it all. I will still wait untill 08 for a PS3.