Kinect Represented Rare's Need to 'Do Something Different'

Craig Duncan reflects on Kinect and the cool things Rare was able to accomplish with the Kinect Sports games.

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PhoenixUp1314d ago

Kinect Sports was the most successful property that Rare had on an Xbox platforms 😒

mcstorm1313d ago

But like it or not kinect sports was probably the best game that came out for kinect and sales show that. It may not of been there best ever game but than again the best games made don't always sell that well.

DivineAssault 1312d ago

Rare is washed up.. That was a company i thought would give MS some unique exclusives after the buy out.. Unfortunately they became a shell of their former selves.. I have no clue why MS would assign kinect games to a team like that smh

jagermaster6191312d ago

I don't care what anyone says about rare because I'm actually really liking Sot. Yeah it could use some things in future updates but so far it's fun!