Sea of Thieves Review: Microsoft's Most Disappointing Xbox One Game Yet [Gadgets 360]

Gadgets 360 says: "At the moment, Sea of Thieves feels like a mock up house used by real estate agents to sell you on a property. It’s a polished prototype with promise and potential, but it’s so far removed from what the actuality is that you’re better off waiting. This might change if Microsoft and Rare decide to add more content to the, game but right now you shouldn’t bother."

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Prubar212d ago

Lol all this negativity hasn’t stopped me and a few buds from playing and having a blast every night. I haven’t had this much fun cooperatively since L4D

darthv72212d ago

Well that should be the reason to play any game... fun. Some are having fun with it despite what others say. Good for them.

Sircolby45212d ago

Same here...I can't get enough of this game. Also no I am not an "Xbox Fanboy" ...I have every platform and I don't even play the game on Xbox, I play it on PC. One of my favorite games that has been released probably in the last 4-5 years.

MegamanXXX212d ago

I'm sure a lot of No man's sky fans feel the same way

Xenophon_York212d ago

If you are objectively enjoying it, good deal. There's nothing wrong with liking something regardless if the majority doesn't.

The problem is that many Sea of Thieves' gamers seem to be letting their pride decide if they like the game or not. And, rather than admit to being wrong about the game being inadequate they have actually fooled themselves into liking it. Its something everyone's done at one-time-or-another.

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UnHoly_One212d ago

MakoD you keep preaching in multiple threads that SoT is not a game.

Please explain how you are coming to that conclusion.

It has quests to do, rewards to gain, cooperative and competitive multiplayer, exploration, etc, etc...

It is a video game, it's just one that you are on a hate campaign against.

If Sea of Thieves was Donald Trump, you are playing the part of CNN.

trooper_212d ago

That's what NMS fans wanted to do but was trashed the same way.

darthv72212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

@Mako, I too enjoyed The order despite its flaws but I would say it is a good game unlike you who said it is neither good nor great. now perhaps you meant to say it is good, just not great, seeing as someone who enjoys something does so because there is some good in it they admire. If it was neither then you certainly wouldnt have put in the effort.

@york, is it not possible for someone to genuinely like something without fooling themselves into liking it? People can admit inadequacies in anything but that doesnt mean they have to flat out deny themselves the things they admire about that subject and are "fooling themselves" into liking it.

You sound like you just can't believe someone who says they enjoy this game. Different strokes for different folks.

Prubar212d ago

Uh no I don’t have to acknowledge the fact that the game may be light on content because what IS there I’m enjoying. The “lack of content didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying L4D2, Evolve, Rainbow Six S and so on. Not to mention put in more time than say Uncharted 4.

darthv72212d ago

@trooper... NMS was trashed because it lacked any sort of multiplayer component. They did good on adding content after launch but still no multiplayer exploration or space battles is a real drag for a game as ambitious as that.

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UnHoly_One212d ago

You are insane. None of those things define what a game is.

Not every game has to be an RPG where you level up and get better weapons and no skills.

There is no progression by design, so that everyone is always on a level playing field. Same weapons, same ships, same abilities.

The game is fun to play. It's a damn blast, honestly. Most fun I've had in a multiplayer game in years. There is more gameplay in this game, than some of the story focused crap Sony has put out in the past, for instance.

Listen, if you hate it that's fine. But this "it's not a game" argument is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Xenophon_York211d ago (Edited 211d ago )


Been reading a lot of your comments on various articles—you often make some good points.

Regarding this post of mine, though:

" that many Sea of Thieves' gamers seem to be letting their pride..."

You complained about me not thinking any gamers could genuinely enjoy Sea of Thieves exclusive from the bias of pride.

When I write I do so with an emphasis on precision. The keyword in the excerpt you pointed out is "many." I specifically used that word because I'm a staunch opponent of absolutism. I'd be insane to think ALL gamers claiming to like Sea of Theives are doing so out of pride. But, I do strongly believe many gamers are enjoying the game moreso because to not like it would be akin to a defeat—a ridiculous notion.

Keep up the good debate.

DigitalRaptor211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

"There is more gameplay in this game, than some of the story focused crap Sony has put out in the past, for instance."

LMFAO... the damage control is real. You have to resort to irrelevant points like this top justify a bland, overpriced, overhyped, glorified F2P/early access pirate themed chat-room.

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KillBill211d ago

All the PlayStation supporters on N4G are doubting the fun you are possibly having on a game that is not on their system.

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zivtheawesome212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

double post

zivtheawesome212d ago

MS killed scalebound but let this game live....

Unreal01212d ago

Oh man. I thought Scalebound looked decent.

UCForce212d ago

It would be so much better if they didn’t cancel it. What even BS, Phil Spencer fear Scalebound didn’t meet fan expectations. He blamed the hype meaning he blamed the gamer for it. He said that in early 2016.

_-EDMIX-_212d ago

I would take scalebound completely unfinished compared to this game working

The Wood212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

You can't mt scale bound. . . This on the other hand. . . . . . . Cha ching

rainslacker212d ago

It did until they showed the co-op stuff. That wasn't all that impressive, although wasn't really all that terrible. Just looked like it needed some work.

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BlaqMagiq1212d ago

They also own the rights to Scalebound.

Dragonscale212d ago

Scalebound was harder to turn into a gaas probably. Reckon Platinum didn't want their game being monetised tbh.

BenjaMan64212d ago

This is how it happened. This is how the Xbox died.

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Sunny_D212d ago

With thunderous applause.

NotoriousWhiz211d ago

Yes, let's be happy for Xbox's demise so we can go back to paying $600 for a Sony system at launch.

KillBill211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Or so... many PlayStation enthusiasts imagine it. Seems like the vocal majority of the hate for the game is from people who have not actually played the game. Those people are simply hating on something they have never experienced.

pitythefool211d ago

Buddy Xbox fanboys treated the poor reception of games like driveclub like it was Christmas morning despite obviously not playing them.

If they can’t take it then don’t dish it out.

KillBill211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

@pitythefool - Pretty sure that DriveClub had very little rebuttal from the Xbox side in comparison to the hatred for Sea of Thieves from the PlayStation side. And any real rebuttal it did get from Xbox side was in direct talk of it against Forza. It got more rebuttal from GT Sport comparisons than any Xbox hatred for it.

Point being with Sea of Thieves is that Xbox fans aren't comparing the game to PlayStation games that are like it and then saying it is better... as Drive Club was being presented. PlayStation fans are calling it out for game play and style and simply hating it from zero perspective of having played the game or anything like it.