Sea of Thieves will charge you gold for dying in upcoming update

According Rare, Captain of the Ferry of the Damned will deduct “a small gold fee” upon meeting the greedy fella.

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DarkVoyager210d ago

Thanks Rare! Just what everyone’s been asking for.

You really put the “Thieves” in Sea of Thieves.

Abash210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Barely any content, but they are rushing to put this bullshit in? The hell with this game

shloobmm3210d ago

Barely any content? There are 50 levels of each each group and raids. I can guarantee you aren't close to completing all the content that is there. It's impossible.

Lamboomington210d ago

They shouldn't make balance updates because they don't have enough content in ?

itsmebryan210d ago

What is the rush? I read the article and it said future updates I didn't see when. Did I miss the date and how much the taxes would be? Also would a game be fun with no consequences for dying?

slayereddy210d ago

Read this and you will see the future of SoT does look very interesting:

WilliamSheridan210d ago

This is a good update. There needs to be a penalty for dying, or losing your ship.

UCForce210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

@slayereddy But the game getting bad press. I know the game have one millions players, but how long is gonna last ? Even so, MS and Rare have lack of confidence about their game. @WilliamSheridan This isn’t Dark Souls here. The game have already in bad press and put the features in it just make thing more frustration.

pinkcrocodile75210d ago

@UCForce You said Rare and Microsoft have a lack of confidence with their game.

Where did you get this alleged fact from, I'd like to see it with a source from both parties if what you are saying is true.

If not, why write it?

ShadowWolf712210d ago

Yeah, there totally needs to be a penalty for dying in a game where people swarm ports waiting to grief people trying to complete quests.

doos_vd_kak210d ago


Lmao, don't even try. You know very well SOTC is bland. Once again, don't even try when you know you are wrong.

IamTylerDurden1210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Rare needs to reassure people that content is coming and that they are working hard to fill out the game. They need to instill confidence in people that the game will improve soon. SoT has been a PR nightmare and a brutal disappointment.

Elwenil210d ago


No, what Rare and other developers and publishers need to do is finish the goddamn game before they charge full price for it.

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chrisx210d ago ShowReplies(4)
Fragnum210d ago

This is not a problem unless the developers make Gold a paid (MT) currency at a later date, if this happens I will not continue playing the game as this would be borderline criminal in my humble opinion.

I've been playing the game the past two days and I agree with the people that say the game world is a little barren, I do hope that the world will open up and new things to do will appear the further I get into it.

Having said this, playing the game with others IS fun if only for coordinating getting your ship from A to B and searching for treasure.

Fun or not, The inclusion of MT's for anything other than cosmetics in a paid for title is something I do not agree with, its fine to lose a little Gold if you die or get hit (Mario does it with coins and Sonic did it with rings) but absolutely not fine if I have to pay real world money when it happens.

pinkcrocodile75210d ago

Have they said that they would do this?


So what moan about something that hasn't happened.

rainslacker210d ago

Can't you use that gold to buy the same things you can buy through MT....which will be put in at a later date?

That was my understanding of it.

If not, then what's the gold actually used for, since the only thing to buy is ships and cosmetic items.

If I'm wrong, then I misunderstood something somewhere. If I'm not, then it is essentially doing what you say would be the problem here.

notachance210d ago

should've also made PK players got a bounty or something when they kill a player, and it increases every time they kill someone

Atanasrikard210d ago

This I am 100% in agreement with and really like the idea. This reminds somewhat of the old mmo Ultima Online. A PK gains notoriety for building their bounty so high and other players have an incentive for policing the game themselves.

rainslacker210d ago

That is actually a good idea. Have a most wanted list, and make it so different ships can team up and hunt them down.:) . Maybe not if they kill people on the open seas, since that's kind of the point of plundering others, but if they do it withing a "safe zone" near ports and what not. Would help curb some of the camping.

Also, if they have a bounty, they get stripped of all their gold that they plundered within those port areas.

Superjudochop210d ago

They should implement NPC Navy ships and high leveled soldiers who go after pirates who have a high PK count.

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trooper_210d ago

Charge gold for dying?!

What the...

_-EDMIX-_210d ago

Well it looks like we now found out why Microsoft wanted to make this game , don't be surprised when they're going to start charging people for game saves like Konami.

Atanasrikard210d ago

So let me get this straight, people complain about the lack of consequence in the game and when Rare says they are looking in to implementing a consequence, people now complain about there being a consequence?


Is this some sort of sarcasm and I am just not getting it?

pinkcrocodile75210d ago

@_-EDMIX-_ They didn't say they'd be charging people cash.

shloobmm3210d ago

They backtracked and said they would no longer be doing it after backlash yesterday just a few hours after announcing it. This is article is a day late and now wrong.

trooper_210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Why mention it in the first place if that's true?
The games already receiving bad press.

pinkcrocodile75210d ago

They got good press too, just not on here. I think it's a good idea with paying the ferryman and if your read the article, it's not REAL money so whats the problem?

trooper_210d ago

@pinkcrocodile : No they didn't.

_-EDMIX-_210d ago

Basically looks like Microsoft got a few ideas from Konami...

Aceman18210d ago

I personally nvr thought this game was interesting from the very first video I saw at E3, the reviews basically confirmed my beliefs about it.

Come on M$ show me something of worth to get me excited about your consoles again 😩

pinkcrocodile75210d ago

I loved the idea of the game from the first video at e3 a few years ago and have loved every minute of the scale-up and now that its live.

Thanks MS

Christopher210d ago

If this is true, then it will be the game's downfall. Penalizing people for getting killed will only lead to people killing just to penalize others indirectly. You're only encouraging people to kill without penalizing the action of killing others at all.

And I read an article where they claimed having a brig was an anti toxic behaviour tool. Nope, they just allowed people to jail up anyone they want to further grief them. It's only adding to the toxicity.

Fragnum210d ago


"Penalizing people for getting killed will only lead to people killing just to penalize others indirectly"

A fix for this would be to label pirates that kill other pirates as "Wanted" and increase the penalty wanted pirates pay upon death.

This penalty could be in the form of a timed bounty put on the players head (paid from their own resources) , an increased respawn timer if killed in wanted mode or by simply increasing the damage taken when 'wanted' from non wanted pirates, increasing in increments for each pirate killed in order to discourage repeated griefing.

This would add an element of risk Vs reward to would be griefers and discourage antisocial players from doing this too often.

Wanted pirates could be highlighted on the map (in a similar way to the divisions rogue mode) to encourage other groups to hunt them down, this would also bring a new dynamic to the game for players wanting to not only hunt for treasure, they could effectively become bounty hunters as UC force suggested, these bounty hunters could also come in the form of powerful NPC's similar to GTA's high level police/ military forces.

"And I read an article where they claimed having a brig was an anti toxic behaviour tool. Nope, they just allowed people to jail up anyone they want to further grief them. It's only adding to the toxicity."

Agree with this, it already is a bit of an issue, I'd read a couple of articles now saying the same thing.

Christopher210d ago

***A fix for this would be to label pirates that kill other pirates as "Wanted" and increase the penalty wanted pirates pay upon death. ***

This could be a fix, but no developer has ever implemented one that actually works. The Division had similar, but it was actually used to grief players even more by having groups of people slowly whittle down your health without killing you to a point where the only thing you could do is kill them or die. And if you killed them, you were the bountied person, not them. Add to that that groups with 5m bounties on their heads laughed it off because they knew people would come to kill one of them and they'd just slaughter them as a group, but keep the one person as the killer.

The problem with FFA PvP is that players are smarter than any limited construct of penalty. You have to up the penalty and make it truly unfair for it to work, but developers don't think about penalties because they don't want to discourage gamers directly but they're perfectly fine with players discouraging other players.

Fragnum210d ago (Edited 210d ago )


Agree with you for the most part,

In my opinion one of the main problems with the Divisions dark zone was the channeled entry and exit points into and out of the area, this and the requirement to extract loot at specific places on the map, much of this would be negated with the more open world nature of sea of thieves, especially if something along the lines of what I suggested was implemented.

Another issue was the Divisions weapon and gear meta, SOT is far more simple in this regard so things 'should' be more even across the board.

I agree that its a difficult one to implement, what I suggested was nothing more than a vision and clearly not a detailed proposal of how to right the issue, but I think implementing a 'wanted' level and using the suggestions I made would be a good starting point to remedy the problem as well as providing another dynamic to the title, something that speaking from my limited experience of playing, the game definitely needs.

rainslacker210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Any penalization on killing others would have to be balanced, since PVP is part of the game. On the open seas, it doesn't make much sense to penalize others, since plundering others is part of the game.

But having a penalty if those people are in a "safe zone" near ports and stuff would probably help curb some of the camping in those areas.

OTOH, with enough people, you can easily have enough people who will still not care, and will still do it, so penalizing them immediately in those areas couldn't hurt.

Balance though. I'm sure those who play it enough will give feedback, and someone will likely come up with some good ideas.

They could even add a quest mechanic where groups of pirates can team up to hunt down those who are more wanted than others.

Otherwise, yeah, the players tend to always find a way to buck the system. A lot of PVP servers on MMO's can be annoying even with balance...because there really aren't any stiff penalties....and if you have enough people playing, you'll have enough people who enjoy annoying others.

Christopher210d ago

***Otherwise, yeah, the players tend to always find a way to buck the system. A lot of PVP servers on MMO's can be annoying even with balance...because there really aren't any stiff penalties....and if you have enough people playing, you'll have enough people who enjoy annoying others.***

What I find interesting about MMOs, and then games like Sea of Thieves is the priority given to PvP content when those MMO special servers are always the least populated by massive margins.

Honestly, why people are doing more of the RvR concept from Dark Age of Camelots amazes me. It's so simple of a concept, but developers shy away from it for just FFA PvP regions which then results in over 98% of game populations sticking to just PvE with battlegrounds/dueling being the only other option.

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DarXyde210d ago

Could you imagine if a Souls game took your souls as payment for revivals and you could purchase more?

Either no one would beat it or shortly after you do, your electricity gets cut off. money had to come from somewhere...

rainslacker210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

MMO's can be made or broken with a good "living economy". Just like in the real world, people work to get "money" so they can do the things, or buy the things they want/need for in the game.

From what I've read of the SoT economy, it seems all centered around buying cosmetic stuff which doesn't do much except to customize your character. No perks, no advantages over other players/NPC's. That isn't really a living economy....that is the same model that many mobile F2P games employ to make them a grindfest, and entice people to buy micro-transactions.....which will come to SoT at a later date. AFAIK, there's no trading system in place, just a pillage NPC areas, or plunder other players so they just have to grind more. This kind of thing puts the newer player at a disadvantage, which only further causes the "economy" to become unbalanced, and the long term players which are good enough to accelerate their way to get everything they want, just become bored quicker.

Having it where people lose money if they die is more of a disadvantage to the new player than it is the old...particularly if Rare doesn't fix the camping issue that seems to already be happening.

The only reason I can see taking gold from the players in a game with no meaningful in game economy is to make them want to purchase things more....thus push MT.

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zb1ftw777210d ago

And then you'll be able to buy gold with real money.

darkmoondruid210d ago

Microtransactions resurface!

joab777210d ago

Last thing it needs is a reason not to play.

UCForce210d ago ShowReplies(7)
PhantomS42210d ago

lol wow punish the players when the combat is trash and you die because of BS while grinding for gold for hours and only getting a couple hundred when nearly everything costs 10+

It's like they don't want to keep the small player base they have.

nowitzki2004210d ago

LOL it is trash. Its sad when you wish the combat was more like Skyrim.

mark_parch210d ago

I'm not defending the game but you can easily get about 5000 gold in a few hours and that's on the early level quests. I'm pretty sure when you reach the phase 1 end game and get access to the secret cave with new legendary quests you will make a lot more gold. not sure why people thought they would be able to a large amount of gold after a few days. with regards to losing gold for dying I think it will improve the game, I'm hoping it will help people team up instead of fighting at every chance.

AmstradAmiga210d ago

Agree with everything you said.

GTA has been deducting from your in game wallet each time you are "Wasted" for years. People just love jumping on a hate bandwagon.

Rachel_Alucard210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

And GTA:O is a much worse game for that very reason. The game is nothing but griefing nonstop and the content updates require millions to participate in but the you can't get anywhere near that amount without abusing car reselling. If you run the missions you'll die more then you gain, plus having to buy ammo all the time. The way they developed GTAO makes me fear for Red dead online's setup. Not even talking about the shark card stuff but just how the game activley fights against you making progress.

210d ago
ILostMyMind209d ago

They want you to pay $$ for something you can not afford with gold. It is so in all f2p games.

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