PC Fanboys: Pride Before the Fall

We have tackled Nintendo fanboys. We have tackled Microsoft and Sony fanboys. Now, in part three of our fanboys series, the PC kids are on the chopping block.

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Lighter9261d ago

Good read. Everyone should read this, along with their articles on other types of fanboys. ::bookmarked::

Max-Zorin261d ago

PC gamers have a bigger ego than Triple H.

narsaku261d ago

No, that's currently Sony fanboys.

PC fanboys are jerks too of course but lets be honest... Their games catalog travels back over 30 years, They have emulators, total control over their own device, free online, every video game genre instead of being limited primarily to 3rd person adventure games and side-scroller, every entertainment option, "not just video games or basic streaming apps", modding that gives birth to entire communities online like Prop Hunt, BR, Skyrim mods, Dayz etc, multiplayer game communities that stay alive and very active for 20 years, multi monitor entertainment, open hardware upgrades, proper operating system support that doesn't lose primary features every time a new console comes out , the choice to play at whatever graphical settings you desire, almost the entire F2P/MMO/Indy/Strategy/CRPG/Sim ulation genre being nearly exclusive to the platform.

....Proper fps, modern Vsync technologies like Async, higher resolution, respectable anti-aliasing technologies, better VR, more peripherals with better >5 hour battery life, no scam remasters, no overpriced software/peripherals to negate cheap entry fee, 3rd party gaming choices, "you're not required to buy a new PC to play different pc games unlike requiring 3 consoles to play all console games cus GREED", some of the most beloved exclusives of all time, the most active online gaming community

Pc gaming is the ultimate users kingdom and sandbox and it's not controlled by a walled garden. Freedom and choice go such a long way in this life that it really doesn't compare. And in the end, it's cheaper than it's console counterpart due to better deals, cheaper software and peripherals and select upgrades, all while still managing to be more powerful in the long run. It truly is a tinkers and thinkers platform where it's games never stop upgrading. I can't even play Deus Ex Mankind Devided or 75% of the current gen 3rd party console games at more than 30 fps on my Pro or Xbox One X... That's a quality service????

What I'm really trying to say is pc gamers feel empowered for a reason. Take out Ease of entry, 1 interactive movie blockbuster a year and what do you have left with console gaming?...... Definitely something, but not much.

Tross261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

I never did get the PC gamer elitism. Graphics do make a difference, but have you seen some of the ports of multiplats on PC? I prefer a controller too, so I tend to just stick to my PS4 for AAA gaming. I even buy a lot of indie titles on my PS4 as that's what I'm most confortable with. Exclusives are a moot point as I can't get them on Steam anyways.

I always assumed that PC gamers feel superior because they navigated the nightmare that is researching PCs and choosing the best option for them. I too ended up getting a gaming laptop as there's no way I'd have room for a desktop, and I bought it for Steam. It was a $1000 Asus laptop I bought at the end of 2016 on Boxing Week for just over $600. I did not enjoy the amount of research and uncertainty I needed to decide what to purchase. I have a laptop for Steam now, just like I wanted though. What do you call a PC gamer who's also a console gamer?

SilentSolid261d ago

The ''bad'' multiplat ports tend to be at console quality most of the time and not unplayable like ppl like to think. Bad in pc gamers eyes for sure, but that's because it doesn't offer what they expect..

Dark souls 1 for example. Some ppl call it the worst port of all time. But in reality it's just at tad better than the console versions, even unmodded. You can't play over 720p but the performance is still better than on 360 and ps3.

I would still pick unmodded pc ds1 over the console versions any day,

kevnb261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

There are a ton of exclusives on steam... pc has the most exclusives and is the platform of choice for anyone that is a serious gamer.

Sy_Wolf260d ago

You clearly don’t know anything about PC gaming.

CandarianGaming260d ago

Arkham knight did have a terrible launch on pc, but it does work fine now even if the game is still absolute trash.

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LordCheezus261d ago

I was originally a console gamer right up til the end of the 360 and ps3 era, then I moved to pc and to be honest I find it hard to get back into console gaming, I mean sure I own a ps4 and xbox one but the pc just seems to keep me on the hook and I feel I control my gaming, rather than being spoon fed microsofts or sonys version of gaming, While I would say pc is the better gaming platform I dont subscribe the elitism mindset, we all like what we like and are entitled to do so.

SegaGamer260d ago

I found the transition from last gen consoles to this gen a lot harder than i thought i would, i just didn't want to start from the beginning again after spending almost 10 years with one set of consoles. This is the main reason why i moved to PC. I'm done with the whole console generation thing, it's outdated from my point of view. I prefer to have multiple generations on one system.