gameSlave: Fracture Review

Review by Andy Hemphill (Bandit):

"Diggers are cool. There's no other way of defining how watching a massive JCB machine tear into the ground and rip massive chunks out of it makes you feel. So how would you feel if you could raise or lower the terrain at will, simply by pointing your arm at it- very cool is the answer.

So we come to Fracture, the latest offering from Lucasarts who are, no doubt, capitalising on the sudden surge in interest as a result of their last release- The Force Unleashed. In that game, far-out force powers was the gimmick, in this one, the selling point is all about two words- Terrain Deformation- the ability to raise and lower the in-game environment at will, and honestly, it pretty much rewrites the rules of third-person shooters."

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