5 Ways Sea of Thieves Is the Best Pirate Sim Ever

Sea of Thieves lets you live out your Captain Jack Sparrow-fueled pirate fantasies in so many different ways. Here's 5 of the best ways Sea of Thieve's makes you really feel like a pirate!

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AmUnRa298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

Just no, there are better pirate games. Admit it, even if it hurts, this game is shallow and mediocre. A turd stays a turd even if you try to clean it up.

Aceman18298d ago

They need to stop this hard body defends of this game it's getting really sad lol.

Razzer298d ago

Better than AC4: Black Flag? Hmmmm

The_Jackel298d ago

yeh.... its not anywhere as near as good as blackflag

Elda298d ago

I'm a fan of the AC games but I didn't like Black Flag,but for as a pirate game Black Flag looks like it would blow SoT away far as gameplay.

Godmars290298d ago

Wouldn't it need NPC cargo ships that could be boarded and raided to be considered a "sim".

coffeemaster298d ago

Don’t have an Xbox unfortunately

ShadowWolf712298d ago (Edited 298d ago )


A remake of Sid Meier's Pirates from the early 2000s still dumps all over this, and pretty much every other, pirate game.