A Journey Through Rough Waters of Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has finally released, with Microsoft making its first big push with Gamepass, as they introduce Sea of Thieves as the first ready at launch title, on the service. Many Xbox gamers are excited to sail the open seas of Sea of Thieves, with some mixed reactions. Should, gamers wait to dip their toes, before entering Rare's newest entry, or is the waters just fine. Bad Bit Games host, Joseph shares his first thoughts with the game, and addresses some gamers concerns about the game.

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darthv72337d ago

The appeal of this game could be like minecraft. Meaning it is limited by ones own ability to be creative and adventurous. Adding crafting and customizing of the ship is certainly a good place to start when it comes to adding more content and features.

Silkside337d ago

4 years of development and they couldn't add all that stuff? Looks like they just focused. On the water

LevelSmack337d ago

Nice video liked and subed!

TGG_overlord336d ago

This might just be THE most hated game release of this year...