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Rob Pitt writes: ARK Park could have been great and upon looking at streams and videos of people on PC, they are having a great time. Over here on the PSVR, we are currently lumbered with terrible head-based controls, an inconsistently working move controller, and even less content. So my advice, if you MUST have this game – go buy it on PC as that’s where the Developers seem to be prioritising their time and effort – over on PSVR, we are not getting the same experience by far – and I’m not referring to the resolution. Also, don’t forget the missing multiplayer at launch and the prospects of expansions already being touted in the multiplayer menu. It seems like another case of releasing an unfinished game to ride the hype train of a franchise name (both ARK and Jurrasic Park).

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sampsonon214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

and if you only own a psvr? how will you know the difference? from the game play I've seen it looks good on ps4, but I'm sure pc is better. buying it anyway.

pc gamers will almost always give console anything a bad score so I'll take that 3.5 and add the anti pc purist redo score of 5 and the score is 8.5

or at the least I'LL wait for more reviews before i decide.

sampsonon214d ago

ok, i just checked out other vids and they all say the same thing. I'll save my cash for something else.

rob-GP213d ago

I don’t play it on PC - I played about 4-5 hours on psvr but after writing my original review, I watched 4 streams and videos of PC owners on YouTube to see how they put up with the terrible controls - that’s where I saw they had correct controller support implemented and a decent teleport system.

I also saw their tutorial section had more content, such as painting the dinosaur. I know that’s a small thing but if that simple thing is missing - what else isn’t there?

It’s a shame as it started to get my interest and I was enjoying it at times, but it’s empty, the MP isn’t there day one, the MP lobby is basically showing later DLCs (probably chargable) and for an asking price £13 More than on PC, I think I was fair in my final conclusion and score.

It’s clear PC is the main development platform and the PSVR port is a quick shoddy job to try and monetise off the PS4 fans of ARK.