Sea of Thieves’ Shallow Nature Represents Microsoft’s Plans for the Future

Max Moeller at The Koalition writes: It’s no secret that Sea of Thieves is a necessary title for Microsoft this year. With Crackdown 3 facing consistent delays and State of Decay 2 not coming until later this year, console owners have had little regarding exclusivity. PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds was a lackluster port, Halo Wars 2 was good but no system seller, with only Cuphead and Forza Motorsport 7 pulling out as a must-play in the last two years.

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Romudeth213d ago

Some hard truths about Xbox in this article. Fantastic stuff!

WickedLester213d ago

Thanks for telling it like it is.

Eonjay213d ago

I was thinking about this earlier. I am surprised someone actually gets it, but its ignorant for me to think people can't see whats up just because Microsoft treats them like fools.

Legacy212213d ago

Pubg is actually coming along really well it's like you forgot its in early access lol and game just reached 5 million users soooooooo lol

G20WLY213d ago

^yeah PUBG's user base is tailing off at a similar rate to how Fortnite's is growing soooooo..

conanlifts213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

I don't disagree with the article in general, but this statement is a stretch "with only Cuphead and Forza Motorsport 7 pulling out as a must-play in the last two years". You should have really said in the last year. It has not been 2 years since Gears of war 4 or Forza horizon 3 launched (16-18 months), both very much must have games. Having said this I am splitting hairs as MS are really failing at the moment. Gears 4 is still the only exclusive I really play on the Xbox, while great that I am still playing it a new game would be better.

As far as Sea of thieves is concerned, how did they not take on board the feedback to offer more than the beta, someone should be fired for this.

To me the only way out for MS seems to be for them to buy a few great game companies and then leave them alone while they make xbox exclusives. Rare unfortunately do not appear to be their saviour. I do not believe gamepass will keep them in the console business, but will certainly help them make money from a software point.

IamTylerDurden1213d ago (Edited 213d ago )


So you say PUBG is just an Early Access game yet they are charging for it and selling physical copies as if it's a full release. Can't have it both ways, either it's a full release or it's Early Access. The worst part is selling a code in a box, it's laughable. Microsoft saw how popular PUBG was and everyone knew it ran like a joke on xbox and wasn't ready but greed caused them to push it out the door

Xb1ps4212d ago

It was a good read... I guess if ms wants to go in a service direction then what they need to know is...... you still need good games..

I have yet to play sot, I do have it cause of game pass so I will give it a shot but if all I read is true then all the basic things I like are not in the game like content, story, leveling up, some kind of depth in combat.. so I think I’ll find it hard to enjoy especially since I’m not much of a fan of co-op and it seems this game depends heavily on it so there is a strong chance I will cancel my game pass for the simple fact that if the game is worth having I either have it or will get it.. why spend 120$ a yr for a game like sot? Sure cd3 is coming too and I loved the first but the lack of news is worrying..

I have the one x but I’m starting to think ms isn’t thinking about gamers like my self so it may just be my last Xbox console since ms can’t cater to more than one core audience.. look at monster hunter! I’m still learning the game.. it was confusing and at times still is but good god it has so much to do and get and it doesn’t depend on needing a group of ppl..

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DARK_WOLF213d ago

I love my xbox one x console and there are loads of really great 3rd party games to play and coming up like red dead 2 ect...

But xbox exclusives are a joke at this point.

Whoever has been incharge of exclusive games for xbox an what not should be fired.

G20WLY213d ago

It's about time Spencer accepted accountability.

ThinkThink213d ago

What if.. And get this... What if Xbox fans are actually happy with their offerings? Like crazy right. Happy with their console and their service and all the games they get to play. You guys have been grasping for straws for years now and it's getting tired.

notachance213d ago


what? it never occurs to you that some of the people who throw criticism at MS are legit XB fans that are unhappy with XB current condition??

what if.. and get this.. there's a landslide of negative criticism towards MS because some legit XB fans also chime in and not so petty they can't have their favorite box getting criticised.

glennhkboy213d ago

All those big exec are long gone years ago! This situation started years ago, at the beginning stage of Xbox One. Remember XB1 was designed as an entertainment hub instead of a game console. At that time MS thrown a lot of money into "Contents" like TV programmes, while closed or sold all of the in-house game development resources. That leave us today, with no exclusive game in the horizon.

Goldby212d ago


Boiling murky water to a man dying of thirst will still look like a nice ice cold glass of water

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WilliamSheridan213d ago ShowReplies(3)
IamTylerDurden1213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

I'm surprised Microsoft fans haven't really spoken up yet. Microsoft is treating them like absolute fools this gen. The lies and exaggeration, the extreme lack of quality games, it's shocking how bad Microsoft has been this gen and the fans just take it.

If fans don't speak up there won't be significant change. Don't they see Bloodborne, TLoU, HZD, Ghost of Tsushima, Dreams, Days Gone? Great new IP. Don't they see the God of War previews overshadowing the awful launch of Sea of Thieves and wish they had something like that? Don't they see Moss and Skyrim VR and wish Microsoft hadn't lied about VR?

chiefJohn117213d ago

Lol half those didn't even launch yet and 1 maybe 2 of that list actually interest me.

Rippcity212d ago

@chiefJohn117 Exactly man. Why is it that in every Xbox article there are multiple commenters spewing a list of PS exclusives? It's like they are self conscious about their console and need to constantly remind themselves that they have more exclusives than anyone else. Give it a rest already. Not everyone cares about every exclusive Sony has to offer. Just because you like linear story driven games doesn't mean the rest of the world does.
And honestly my friends and I are having a blast playing SoT. You know why? Because the fun of it isn't in the grind for new content. It's about making your own fun. Sailing around trying to fight other ships, getting drunk trying to quest, shooting each other out of cannons and shit. Rare has been completely and totally transparent about what SoT is about. If you are still bitching at this point about the "lack of content" then you haven't been invested to begin with or you would know this is exactly what we were promised.

Xb1ps4212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

True... I guess as a gamer I want ms to be successful enough to have games like that as well and felt they needed time but it’s getting to a point that it’s getting ridiculous..

The problem with ppl like you here on n4g is thinking that calling us fools, mind you I have a pro as well, and just keep taking it is so off base.. look at the ps4 sales compared to Xbox... is that not enough to realize ppl are speaking up? The console is a one time purchase sowhat do you mean by we just keep on taking it?

demonicale213d ago

YAY! ... Let's hate Xbox because it's not the playstation! ... How grown up we all are.

moegooner88213d ago

Don’t release a console if you aren’t gonna support it. Only a delusional would defend MS first party support this gen.

G20WLY213d ago

Sarcasm is your best vehicle to demonstrate how much more mature you are?

ThinkThink211d ago

But they do support it. Quite well actually. That's just my opinion as an actual Xbox owner. You may disagree, and that's totally good with me. Happy gaming to all.

meka2611212d ago

Ok but why though? Not that the info is bad or anything, but I will never understand fanboys celebrating the bad news of a console. If your a gamer be excited about games and downhearted when it sucks. I will just never ever understand this mentality.

demonicale212d ago

G20WLY it seems that’s how everyone acts on this website so why not be as well?.

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TheColbertinator213d ago ShowReplies(14)
Relientk77213d ago

I think It's only gonna get worse from here. Crackdown 3 doesn't look good.. it doesn't look good at all...

Maxemole213d ago

Yeah, I'm equally worried my friend. I have hope that there are better games coming after Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2, but we can't know for sure.

Kokyu213d ago

Not to mention its been 4-5yrs and it still doesnt have a release day.

Steveoreno1213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

I can't wait for this E3 when xbox comes out and says "Game Pass EXCLUSIVE....EXCLUsive.....exc lusive....." btw I will s### myself if this happens.

frostypants212d ago

"Here's a new gameplay demo of Crackdown's newly revamped single player!"

frostypants212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

I honestly don't think Crackdown 3 will ever get released, at least for the OG One. I'm almost certain the cloud physics stuff isn't working (they've yet to demonstrate it running outside of a closed network) and my theory is they are afraid to announce its cancellation, so they're just going to let it slide into obscurity and axe it when nobody is paying attention. Or they need more client-side power than they thought (same can't carry it all) and can't get get the multiplayer mode working smoothly on the OG One, and are debating whether they want to betray their policy of not releasing a One X-only title (a policy I personally don't agree with).

Dragonscale212d ago

They can't release crackdown as a scorpio exclusive as the majority xbone user base is on the og xbone, not scorpio. The dev costs for this game would prohibit it for a start, and it would be a stupid move splitting the user base. Its the same story with the pro, the policy is pretty mandatory tbh.

Cueil212d ago

I think it is the single player not the MP that is holding it up.

Kratos_Kart2007212d ago

They did vote with their wallets...hense the lackluster sales...

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marquisray213d ago ShowReplies(7)
G20WLY213d ago

People should not let them. Vote with your wallets, it's the only thing they understand. If they don't listen to the gamers, maybe they'll listen to their shareholders.. 😒

Godmars290213d ago

Thing is this isn't a democracy. Between armies of marketers determining what you want and your wallet is the simple fact that MS could pull up stakes and walk with what money they've got. Linger to influence the industry through any number of supporting patents they've bought or actually made. Maim the industry through them if they want, so as to keep their bottom line.