Sea of Thieves, is it Worth a Buy?

Sea of Thieves is the newest addition to Xbox One’s rather small library of exclusives. This sandbox pirate adventure shows potential of the once great Rare studio, but also highlights the biggest issues of the gaming industry.

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MegamanXXX213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Just try it out on game pass first. I believe this game will be a lot better in a year just like No Man Sky got better. I wouldn't buy it for $60 dollars though

Belinker300213d ago

Did No Man Sky get better?

xPhearR3dx213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Yes. Honestly this game to me feels exactly like No Mans Sky, just pirate themed. Tons of fetch quest and LOTS to explore. I personally love these types of games, they're relaxing for me and TONS of fun with friends. Really makes me wish they added real co-op to No Mans Sky (maybe one day). But, them being very similar in terms of what there is to do, and what its about. I can totally see why people are shitting on Sea of Thieves. Again, I really enjoy these types of games, but I really feel they need to be $30 at launch. Otherwise this is the reaction we will continue to get.

EDIT: For the record. I bought Sea of Thieves and No Mans Sky for $60. If you bought No Mans Sky for $60 and felt the price was justified for YOU. You'll not regret spending $60 on SoT. Everyone else, try it on Gamepass or wait until it's $30 or under.

AspiringProGenji213d ago (Edited 213d ago )


No Man sky was another waste of money and i was one who wasted his $60 on it. If I had payed attention to the warning Sings that wouldn’t have happened. I certainly wouldn’t miss it if I had, but good for you that you got no choice but enjoy your purchase and have fun with it. I had some fun with NMS but then reality called and deleted it

Godmars290213d ago

SoT lets you build bases and explore - name - places you first visit? Has more than - from what I hear - more than two NPC enemies?

In contrast does NMS now offer decent space battles and actual missions? Alien star nations you can interact with - i.e. - have half of their fleets chasing after you for getting a space princess preggers?

xPhearR3dx213d ago (Edited 213d ago )


I never said any of those things. I said tons of fetch quest and lots to explore. There's obviously more to both games than just that, but No Mans Sky didn't launch with base building or most of the content is has now. Just like Sea of Thieves, they released with very little actual content, with promised free updates. No Mans Sky has also been out over a year and half, and it took quite a long time for those updates to come.

No need to get all butthurt and defend a game I said I loved in my original comment. I paid $60 for No Mans Sky the day it came out, I loved it then and now. I even purchased it again when it released on PC. But when it launched it was exactly like Sea of Thieves. Tons of fetch quest, lots to explore. Not much else. The only difference is SoT has multiplayer. Which after No Mans Sky, might be the only thing saving it from people forgetting about it.

Godmars290213d ago

"Honestly this game to me feels exactly like No Mans Sky, just pirate themed."

Nevermind I'm just talking about where NMS in particular fell short of original premise and promises, which included things like jumping into a fight between alien factions.

darthv72212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

The comparative to NMS is mainly on the basis of the game being rather empty. Where the two part ways is that NMS is a full singular experience where you may encounter remnants of others who have been to a world before you but you never really come in contact with them. SoT has that interaction that NMS is lacking and the sea is empty (like space) but there is potential for it to be filled with wondrous creatures and if they play their cards right... adventures to the depths.

The main issue many have is that right now it is not worth the $60 price and they would be correct. Even PUBG is not a complete game and was $20 (or was it $30?) but has been improving since it released and so will SoT. People wondering what those 4 years in development accomplished, well... the framework for the world and its weather system certainly took the lions share. Now they can turn out content in a much shorter fashion.

I hope they add in the ability to import your avatar and allow for crafting and customizing the ship.

MichaelPyre209d ago

Funny you mention No Man's Sky. After I written this article i went back to NMS and I have to say i enjoy it more than Sea of Thieves, and I believe it had more content on launch than Sea of Thieves does.

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Servbot41213d ago

Avoid this mess and save your trial for an actual game, like State of Decay 2

Magnetar213d ago

If you plan on playing yourself or with random people no. If you having a few friends that you plan on playing with yes. Though game pass is the better option to get it.

The lack of content is a problem, but if you’re like my friend and I, you’ll only be doing the fetch quest as you’re hunting down other ships and stealing their loot. Haven’t laughed so much playing a game in years. It’ll likely get boring quick, but I’ll be back for every update.

Godmars290213d ago

Thing is are you going to be paying on top of the $60 for it to get better. Don't know whether or not NMS's DLC is free, paid or a mix, only that the ratio for SoT's will depend on perceived success. As in if its a hit you'll be paying more to get more.

Magnetar213d ago

They’ve already announced updates will be free.

chris235213d ago

no many sky got better? on the contrary. after the second big update i deleted the game because it became an incoherent and unfunny mess. for no many sky to become a better game they needed to lose the procedural bullshit and redesign the game from the ground. i guess the same applies to no mans sea.

darthv72212d ago

Personally, for NMS to have really been improved would be for there to be multiplayer. all that galaxy to explore by yourself could get boring even quicker than SoT.

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butchertroll213d ago

At 60$? Naaah. Go try it via Gamepass trial.

TheColbertinator213d ago ShowReplies(1)
PhoenixUp213d ago

It’s only worth a Game Pass try

LevelSmack213d ago

Nice Article! Come on MS we need a new great exclusive badly lol. I say wait until it's $20.

MichaelPyre209d ago

Thanks! and they really need an exclusives. There is nothing else big coming out this year for Xbox players, as I don't think we will see Crackdown 3 this generation.

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