GamingHeaven: Saints Row 2 Review

The original Saints Row was a successful release for THQ and while the comparisons with Grand Theft Auto 4 were sometimes unfavourable it was inevitable that a followup was forthcoming. Today GamingHeaven will see if the time passed has been well spent and if the game has more than just the obligatory prostitutes and gang mutilitations.

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WINZLOW3655d ago

sandbox games. i want a row completely filled with sandbox games in my entertainment center as well as bluray but that's a completely different row.

so what is everyone going to name their gang???

west side >>> east side >>> your side

im thinking of naming my gang as BellWay G's since thats the name of the street i grew up on.

any suggestions?

richieb3655d ago

Hate Tesco, they had SR2 for £15 last night, computer error and then I get an email today saying they canceled my order and they jacked the price back up to 39.99

WINZLOW3655d ago

i didnt disagree with you