GamePro: 7 Retro Levels We Want In LittleBigPlanet

As beta players have seen thus far, the level-creation aspect of LittleBigPlanet is extremely detailed. GamePro has seen some far-out ideas like GTA-style heists and Super Mario Bros.' level 1-1, but there's plenty of other games they would love to see. Here's 7 levels, some classic, others under-appreciated, that they would love to toss Sackboy through.

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Zerodin3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Must be a real crap game, if all players want to do is emulate other games with it!
Dramatization: *sigh* I regret spending $60.00 on this...maybe if I pretend that I'm playing a game made by Nintendo, then I'll feel better about my poor decision making skills.

Disagrees are from people who are still in denial.
But once you realize that all you've done is make it look like other games, you'll know that I was right.

TheHater3658d ago

you stupidity have no limit.
Get a life, and stop trolling.

Zerodin3658d ago

Fission mailed!
Rule #1 of the interwebs.
Always use perfect spelling and grammar, when calling someone else stupid.

bunbun7773658d ago

I will not "know" that you are right because you will never know (apparently) how good this game is. We emulate our past games to celebrate what this game is capable of, not to try and find some fun factor that isnt already there. Personally these game levels go to show a few things, one of which is that gamers like games (gasp!) and that the truly amazing levels that are UNIQUE, are right around the corner as well.

Kid Icarus!

Zerodin3658d ago

No, you emulate other games because you regret your purchase.
A confident reply would have used far less cliches.
Me? I found Too Human, and Gears to be boring and uninteresting. But I can acknowledge that, because I don't live in denial the way droids do.

bunbun7773658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

3 f-ing sentences and that's too cliche for you? Not confident enough?

You are wrong- BECAUSE I will enjoy making new levels more than paying homage to old levels-

Understand, twat?

yes, i am name calling.

TheTimeDoctor3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

in this instance, i don't think he's even trolling. you can't go anywhere on this site without seeing something to do with little big planet. guess what? some of us don't like it. i'm a sony supporter but this is a bad road for sony to go down. i think it will sell alot but that doesn't mean anything other than people are buying into the hype. the wii sold a butt load of consolesm but its rubbish and detrimental to the industry. i want deep storylines and head shots and i don't want to play levels made by amateurs.

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MaximusPrime3658d ago

i played mario, sonic and pacman on LBP beta. They were fantastic.

looking forward to the fullgame and many many levels esp. retro levels.

PirateThom3658d ago

Good God.

Casino Night Zone is one of my most hated levels!

The gaming GOD3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

He's just mad that he can't afford a ps3 let alone LBP and his parents won't let his 30 year old ass get any more allowance.

Edit-why be original with a "diss" when the FACTS explain things so much better? If it ain't broke, don't fix it right? :). It all good though, when you get your 30 year old ass out of your parent's house, I'll do you the honor of being creative

What comeback? I just state facts

Zerodin= troll, jealous, overaged momma's boy asking for allowance at age 30.

And for the record, when you said this:

"No, you emulate other games because you regret your purchase.",

You don't even realize how stupid you sound. Most people don't even have the game yet. What purchase is there to "regret" if they don't have the game in the first place? If you want to troll, try to not sound so stupid next time

Zerodin3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

If you are going to call me a troll, at least come up with a diss that hasn't been used since before video games existed. Get creative! But hey, LBP fans are only good at emulation what's already been done! You should feel special, I chose to use my #4 on you!
I save that for special people...and by special I mean genuinely special AND retarded special. Today you farted and nothing happened...tomorrow you may just poop rainbows! Keep that hope alive!

Yesterday one guy PMed me spoilers to a game that I've never cared to play, you gotta admit that was more creative then your comeback!

lodossrage3658d ago

And its name was Zerodin lol

MaximusPrime3658d ago

im enjoying a show here. Zerodin vs the world.

*eats popcorns*