PS4 file size revealed for Far Cry 5

The file size has been revealed for the PlayStation 4 version of Far Cry 5.

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kacheron210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Thanks, unnecessary article is unnecessary

DivineAssault 209d ago

quality of life improvement.. Thumbs up

MadMax210d ago

Definately the best far cry to date, period! Been playing since yesterday and am blown away at how good it is. The disc install though I believe said 60gb on the back of the box. The dog Boomer in it is really bad ass! The mission where you rescue him was very cool, you end up feeling really bad for the little guy. He becomes a very loyal companion to you after that, and I'm keeping him by my side! Pretty funny. Great job Ubisoft, I really did not like the look of this game at first, but ended up being one of my top favorite games this gen!

Xenophon_York210d ago

Bold statement for one day of play, but I am glad it's that convincing.

How's the graphics compare to something like Battlefield 1 or Destiny 2?

MadMax210d ago

Yea it definately is. I put around 7 hrs into it already and have access to most of the map and habe jammed thru quite a few main and aide missions, very fun game so far. Seems to just keep getting more and more interesting. Very impressed. I've played both those games and it looks just as good if not better than the pair. It has some great lighting and textures. Draw distance seems very good and nice colors. It's a beautiful looking world. I caught myself quite a few times just gazing out and looking around at all the scenery. It is supposedly based in Montana, which is full of some nice scenery. They have captured it nicely. Lots of wildlife, and the thing that put it over the top for me was the existence of the rare wolverine they put in this game. I don't think there's ever been a game with that particular animal in it. Skunks and bald eagles also in it. Good assortment of fish as well for when you go fishing in the game. I am playing on a ps4 pro with a Samsung ks8000 4k tv. Looks beautiful.

Xenophon_York210d ago


Thanks for the thorough recap. Draw distance is one of my main complaints with some games—especially driving games.

Fishing, ay? What about blackjack or poker?

Nice setup. I'll be playing on a Pro as well—for the television I'm on an LG OLED C7 55". Just coming off of a couple months playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, so my 'palate' is somewhat spoiled.

Tankbusta40210d ago

As a gamer for about 30 years now I am always jealous when I read about other gamers getting games early because it's NEVER happened to me!!! Enjoy the game friend, I can't wait for Tuesday

MadMax210d ago

I'm lucky enough to live by a private game shop out here in SoCal that releases all the games pretty early. If you are out here also, send me a pm and I will be happy to give you the name. Also a gamer myself of 30 plus years. Thx and i hope you enjoy the game yourself.

Stay-Toasty210d ago

Right?!?! Me tooo. I think i got Horizon Zero Dawn like 3 hours early from the midnight release cause the store had to close for some reason lol. But i want something atleast a few days early. Thatd be awesome.

Tankbusta40209d ago


I know, I buy a lot of my games off of Amazon and almost every release you hear of someone getting the game delivered early...but its never happened to this guy!

Stay-Toasty210d ago

I loved 3 and 4 but got a bit of FC fatigue. I know its very much the same but do you think FC5 will be different enough for me to have a good time with it?