DayZ Runs at [email protected]/60 on Xbox One X, Will Support [email protected]; Crossplay with PC Is 'Unlikely'

Bohemia Interactive is showcasing DayZ for Xbox One at GDC 2018 and confirmed via Twitter that it runs at [email protected]/60 on Xbox One X, with plans to also support a [email protected] mode. Crossplay would be technically possible but is unlikely as they don't want to create imbalanced gameplay.

Finally, news about the PS4 version is coming soon.

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ccgr1836d ago

Bummer on lack of crossplay

Timesplitter141836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

DayZ isn't an arcade game like Fortnite and PUBG. It requires a lot of precision in aiming and a gamepad would be at a massive disadvantage compared to a mouse + kb.

It's a pretty common thing in DayZ to have to shoot at someone 500m away using only iron sights, and all you can see of the character you're shooting at is about 5 pixels

Kokyu1836d ago

I use contoller on pc alot and have little problems the days of this nonsense of kb+mouse have way better advantage has been narrowed down from the old days.

Timesplitter141836d ago

Depends on the game you play.

I use a controller on PC with dark souls because it is way better than kb+m for this type of game. And I use a kb+m in CS:GO because it is way better than a controller for this type of game

ONESHOTV21836d ago

PUBG is almost the same as dayz but it uses the arm engine which is the real mil-sim


PUBG Arcade? LMAO, no, in fact DAYZ and PUBG have very similar shooting mechanics.

slate911836d ago

Pubg arcade? Do you play these games you talk about or do you just read from the internetz?

Timesplitter141836d ago

I played all three.
Let's just say PUBG is way more arcade than DayZ, and Fortnite is way more arcade than PUBG

DayZ is one of the least "accessible" games ever. You can easily walk for 3 hours straight without ever firing your gun or seeing anyone, and then out of nowhere someone shoots you from 1 Km away. And then you die instantly and the last 3 hours of your life were all for nothing. Aiming and ballistics are also much more punishing in DayZ.

This is why I say PUBG is arcade when compared to DayZ

Smclaren19851836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

PUBG is the opposite of arcade mate fortnight is the definition of arcade . PUBG is really hard to get used to on a controller aswell and your regularly shooting people at all different ranges aswell my furthest shot is with the aim 8x at 912m

Smclaren19851836d ago

PUBG is the opposite of arcade mate fortnight is the very definition of arcade, you regularly shoot people at distances in PUBG my furthest shot with awm 8x scope is 912 meters plus the mechanics of dayz wouldn’t work in competitive multiplayer like PUBG

Cyfyxtfg1836d ago

Pug g isn’t arcade -_- it came from a creator who started on arma my dude. No arcade in it’s blood. Fortnite clearly is

PurpHerbison1836d ago

@Kokyu I still think keyboard and mouse is superior for shooters by a large margin. Console shooters have to use aim assist to bridge the gap.

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brich2331835d ago

Lack of crossplay means less hackers.

odderz1836d ago

60FPS at least, right?

KaiPow1836d ago

Please, more of this! I'll gladly play at a lower resolution if it means 60fps.

Sono4211835d ago

Anyone buying this game is a fool, it's in development hell, I mean if you want to waste your money that's on you, but don't complain when you're left with an unfinished game in the end.

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OpenGL1836d ago

We heard the same thing about PUBG before release, I won't hold my breath.

Smclaren19851836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I have to laugh when people class PUBG as arcade along side fortnight Come on it’s the opposite fortnight is another story. PUBG is filled with long range shooting it has bullet drop travel hit detection etc how is that arcade lol iv played dayz and it’s akward as hell at times a lot of there mechanics wouldn’t work on a competitive multiplayer game like PUBG am your aiming has to be precise in pubg aswell 2x 8x 15x scopes even the marking on the scopes reference to 2 4 and 600 meters you have to work out how far your target is adjust the zeroing of your scope then work out how far or near you need to aim for the bullet to hit you can’t get more realistic or technical than that when it comes to aiming and precision the team spent time getting as close to realism as possible. Fortnight is point and shoot simple as that but even though I don’t like fortnight the shooting mechanics of PUBG or day z wouldn’t work on that type of game because you can’t afford to take your time and work out distances it’s fast reactive arcade style gameplay and I just don’t like that. If they get dayz right it could be great but the game I played was a mess

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