Tesco sending out Saints Row 2 order cancellation emails

Tesco is now informing all those who took advantage of the seemingly fantastic deal of Saints Row 2 PS3 for £15.97 that the order is cancelled.

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MaximusPrime3682d ago

well thats Tesco. "every little helps" RIGGGGHHHHTTTT....

Andronix3681d ago

Tesco didn't just take pre-orders, they took our money which makes (i think) a legal sale. Therefore they should honour the deal. Everyone affected should complain to BBC watchdog - it wont be the first time they have covered a videogame story...

PirateThom3682d ago

Amazon did the same last year with Lair and Folklore.

I think online stores get a kick out of letting PS3 owners down.

San anto3682d ago

Yeah i remember that with amazon, i fully expected the same thing to happen with tesco.

robotnik3682d ago

I remember the Amazon fiasco.

Brixxer6003682d ago

Why am i not surprised ?

Total rip off, they've even got the cheek to say "Don't worry, we won't charge you"

They already did, paid by switch and they got their money straight away, wonder how much they swelled their coffers by overnight ?

Total rip off and very unethical, although as i said hardly a shock.

lamigol3682d ago

I had 2 copies on order, just checked and yes, ive got the cancellation email. Not a happy bunny. Im calling them tomorrow, its their mistake, they should honour it. Well, theres no way im buying SR2 now. At 16 quid it was worth a blast but at full price, not a chance. My hard earned is required elsewhere in the next few weeks, namely pro evo, dead space, far cry 2, ms2, fallout 3, LBP etc...
Oh well, pro evo gets my undivided this week then, no bad thing

ad4mb3682d ago

would it not be like a shop where if somethings said to be a certain price they have to sell it you for that price

bumnut3682d ago

i thought that would be the case, but what can you do?

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The story is too old to be commented.